More Than Seven and One-Half Years of Vicious Lies Intentionally Dividing Our Nation Is Enough

Courtesy of Gilbert Mercier (Flickr CC0)

It’s time to bury Donald Trump, his party, and his supporters. Enough is enough. It’s way past time for the ignorance, lies, and baseless conspiracy theories to be forgotten and move our nation forward. Let the biggest and ugliest mistake in American history fade away into our nation’s dark past. Trump is nothing but a selfish, self-centered, obese old man who has no relevance today. His legacy will undoubtedly be remembered as a tragedy inflicted on our nation by hate-filled, angry voters, aided by Russia, James Comey, and the mainstream media.

Don’t be confused by political ads, fake journalists, or professional politicians, our country is engaged in a civil war. The combatants are real Americans who revere the nation created by our Founding Fathers and their extraordinary principles, and those who would end the dream, replacing our democratic government with a fascist regime and a dictator in the White House. There is no “Republican Party.” Today’s pretenders are “Trump’s MAGA Republicans,” more accurately “The American Fascist Party.”

Courtesy of Gilbert Mercier (Flickr CC0)

If you are uninformed, or simply someone who refuses to see facts and learn the truth, you refuse to believe that Trump’s declaration in June of 2015 that he would seek the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency in 2016 was his and his alone, you are in denial. Although Bill Barr prevented access to Robert Mueller’s report by censoring most of the relevant facts a little research reveals the truth.

The entire 2016 election was a plot, a conspiracy created by Trump’s handler, Vladimir Putin. After their first meeting in Moscow in 1987, Putin knew that Trump could be the ultimate pawn in his lifelong effort to destroy the United States of America. At their final meeting before the 2016 election, once again in Moscow in 2013, the plan was formed. The only necessity required from Trump is that he declares his candidacy, which he did in June of 2015.

Have no delusions, Trump’s entire candidacy and his campaign tactics were part of a playbook created by Putin. He destroyed his 16 challengers in the primaries, not with ideas for America’s future, but with personal attacks, mostly based on lies. This single fact revealed the inadequacy of those on the right side of the aisle. Not a single man or woman who calls themselves a “Republican” is qualified to lead our nation. The primary reason is simple. They reject the beliefs, needs, and wishes of the majority of the American people. They lost their way more than 40 years ago.

The following is an excerpt from Politico in June 2020.

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday reaffirmed its support for the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the goal of putting Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

One thing the world should know about Trump. Anytime he denies anything, it was based on fact. These situations have become his weakest lies. To this day he denies Russian involvement in the 2016 election, although we all heard him asking his hero for help during one of his hate rallies.

“The Real Donald Trump” is an illusion, but that illusion has been revealed for all to see since the 2020 election. He is a malignant narcissist in desperate need of attention. Most Americans are fed up with his whining. “Everyone is picking on me.” Every little criticism of Trump is based on fact. He is the worst man in the world. I don’t hate, but Trump brings that awful emotion to the surface every day.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Images Courtesy of Gilbert Mercier‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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