Trump Is Responsible for 1,079,523 Deaths in America and the Media Is Giving Him a Free Pass

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At least 10,000 deaths in America from COVID-19 are directly attributable to Donald Trump’s incompetence and his refusal to lead our nation in the fight against an upcoming health crisis, which he knew about at the end of 2019. Until March of 2020, when Americans began dying from the effects of the pandemic, he told the American people, “it will just go away.” It is partially his fault that over one-million Americans are dead and buried today.

It was obvious from his own words that he had no idea what to do, and that he is a science denier. However, he had access to the best medical professionals in our nation, and either failed to use their knowledge or discounted it. Remember, it was Trump who suggested we ‘drink bleach.’

The General Accounting Office issued a report in 2021 heavily condemning Trump and his administration for their many deadly failures. At the same time, it praised the Biden administration for its immediate action to fight the pandemic which saved thousands of lives.

In the final year of Donald Trump’s presidency, more than 450,000 Americans died from COVID-19, and life expectancy fell by 1.13 years, the biggest decrease since World War II. Many of the deaths were avoidable; COVID-19 mortality in the U.S. was 40 percent higher than the average of the other wealthy nations in the Group of Seven (G7).

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And yet Trump continues to have support from millions of ignorant and uncared Americans.

If this situation was the only mistake, the only failure in Trump’s reign of terror, he would forever be known as the worst president in history. Add a dozen more serious failures, and his place on the bottom will never be challenged.

My greatest hope is that the 2022 and 2024 elections will result in a huge voter turnout similar to 2020. Americans who care about their country and recognize the dangers of our nation’s right-wing extremists must save the future of the “Great Experiment.”

If America fails, if it ceases to exist in its original form, the world will never experience the hope once offered by dozens of courageous ex-patriots who left their homes to create a new nation, a new nation founded by individual freedom and basic human rights for all.

Never again can we allow white supremacists, aided by a foreign nation, a corrupt FBI Director, and the failed fourth estate to manipulate our most important democratic process. The 2016 election was rigged for Donald Trump. When he faced the “most secure and safe” election in 2020 and was crushed after a historic turnout, he was unable and unwilling to accept the reality of another failure in a lifetime filled with failures.

Reality is hard, especially when you choose to be a member of a cult founded on the negative emotions of anger and hatred, with the ultimate goal being a violent revolution. Negativity destroys, and this has been Trump’s ultimate goal for more than seven and one-half years. He and his fake Republican Party intentionally divided our nation for personal gain. There is not a single patriot on the right side of the aisle in the 21st century.

Trump had no concern that his incompetence and unwillingness to lead the fight against COVID-19 cost more than one million lives. His only concern is that he survived thanks to extraordinary care not accessible to most Americans.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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