On the Curse Earthquake Anniversary

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On the anniversary of two terrible earthquakes, a strong quake slammed western Mexico on Monday; killing at least one person, damaging buildings, cutting off power, and forcing inhabitants of Mexico City to flee their homes for safety.

In a video message, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that a store wall collapse caused a death in the Pacific port of Manzanillo. In the western state of Michoacan, which is in a sparsely populated area of Mexico, authorities reported damage to two hospitals.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck shortly after 1 p.m. (1800 GMT) near the western coast and close to Michoacan’s border with the state of Colima, where Manzanillo is situated.

Since the earthquake was just 15 km (9 miles) deep, its effects would have been exacerbated.

A tsunami warning was issued by the U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for portions of Mexico’s coast, stating that waves up to 3 meters (10.9 feet) high were likely. The earthquakes, shook Mexico on the same day when deadly quakes pounded the nation in 1985 an

Courtesy of Carl Campbell (Flickr CC0)

d 2017, did not immediately result in reports of significant damage in the nation’s capital, according to Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum.

Isa Montes, a graphic designer in the city’s Roma area, who is 34 years old, said of the earthquake’s timing as helicopters buzzed overhead inspecting the city, “It looks like a curse.”

Three significant earthquakes occurred on the same day, according to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), one of the most esteemed institutions of higher learning in the nation, and they were simply coincidences, according to UNAM.

Others, though, found it difficult to believe.

“The date is this. The 19th has much to offer “said Ernesto Lanzetta, a company owner in the city’s Cuauhtemoc neighborhood. “The nineteenth is a day to fear.”

Both the September 19, 2017 earthquake and the September 19, 1985 quake claimed thousands of lives.

Written By Daniel Murillo


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