Walmart Exhibits Corporate Arrogance

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I have never been a big fan of Walmart. Although it claims to ‘have everything,’ I often found empty shelves when I searched for items I needed. The prices are okay, but I find that some stores are less expensive.

The local Walmart I occasionally used for items I needed immediately was somewhat enjoyable when it opened several years ago. However, when management changed several times, it is now a literal disaster.

Management required to report to corporate headquarters is expected to make changes that increase revenue. This has been proven to be a terrible and destructive policy.

In my area, there is a Walmart warehouse just 35 miles east. However, the Walmart nearest to our home offers a poor selection of many items, and in some situations bare shelves. No one is stocking those shelves, leading me to believe that their back room is empty.

In 2018, Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell passed a law greatly reducing the corporate tax rate. In 2019, Walmart paid zero dollars in tax. However, that wasn’t enough. Several weeks ago, more than one-half of the regular checkout areas were removed. In their place were self-serve lanes. Today my wife went to the store for a few items. There were only four employees available to ring up her items.

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With no one stocking shelves and no customer service employees at the front of the store, it appears that Walmart removed about 50 percent of its staff.

Today, this Walmart is not only a terrible store in which to shop, it offers zero customer service. It would be appropriate for everyone in the area to boycott this store.

Corporate greed created the current “inflation,” or better yet the new word created by one writer, “greedflation.” These same corporations experienced an increase in profits during the height of the pandemic, but that wasn’t enough.

Walmart receives hundreds of customer complaints every day, and the reasons are many. My wife and I worked in customer service positions all of our lives. Until recently, this was the focal point of most businesses remaining in America. Without the existence of this meaningful attribute, why should anyone enter the doors of a Walmart or any other brick-and-mortar store?

Online purchases are increasing in numbers every day. With the exception of food and clothing, my wife and I purchase everything else online. I never thought I would be that “modern.” However, with available reviews from other buyers, two-day free delivery, and usually lower prices, why shop?

The only time I miss shopping is during the Christmas season. But even that has changed. It began with the creation of “black Friday.” One year I intentionally went to a few stores, not intending to purchase anything but to see what it was all about. It was unpleasant, and even a little bit frightening.

I have no doubt that shopping malls and other retail centers will be another ‘thing of the past’ in the very near future. The sad part of this story is that this will create the removal of more opportunities to interreact with other human beings. America is becoming a solitary society.

When I was young, I knew most of my neighbors. Today, of the three houses across the street, and the two on our right and left sides, we are friends with only one neighbor, know three well enough to wave and say hello, and one we have never spoken to.

I’m old, and old-fashioned. I don’t like the “new and improved” America. I continue to wait for the day when people become more important than profits for big business.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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