A Guide for Defeating America’s Greedflation

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America was a capitalistic society and is now a plutocracy. One fact which has not changed is that our largest corporations depend upon consumerism for their existence.

Stop Buying More Than You Need

My wife and I have no other income than social security. We are suffering more than most during the current “greedflation” because we purchase almost nothing other than what we need for survival, and this is mostly involved with food.

We decided on a way to fight the greedflation created by corporate America. When we go to the grocery store, we buy only what we need. We discovered that we do not need any beef products. Bacon is overpriced and out of the question. We enjoyed a certain brand of donuts, but they are beyond our price limitations. Simply put, we buy what we need, fruits and lots of vegetables, bread, and almond milk, we have simply ceased buying anything we do not require to sustain ourselves and our dog.

I believe that if all Americans ceased to surrender to the food industry and their products rotted on the shelves of our grocery stores, it would take less than three months for corporate America to learn that this is our country, and greedflation would quickly come to an end. Corporations cannot survive if you refuse to purchase their products.

You don’t need a new phone. Nor a new appliance. How badly do you need a new car – a new home? You have been brainwashed by advertising companies that most items you don’t really need are “necessities.”

America is Engaged in a War Between the Super-Rich and the Working Class

We can end corporate greed if we have the determination and the courage. Let’s take this a step forward and force change. Imagine if for a single day no one purchased anything. No gas for our vehicles – no food in our restaurants – no food in our grocery stores. Empty malls; no customers shopping for unnecessary items. No one flying on commercial aircraft. Not a single purchase was made in America. Would this send a message to our greedy corporations?

If we refuse to see our income as “disposable.” Only purchasing the bare necessities. If we end the practice of being a nation of puppets, believing that we need the newest cell phone, a new car or truck, the latest “fashions,” (which are usually ugly and uncomfortable), more expensive tennis shoes which wear out faster than your old ones. Or taking an expensive vacation instead of one which would be filled with memories of family and friends, corporations would be forced to compete for your hard-earned money by building better, longer-lasting products, and growing healthier food at a fair price.

Our Government and the Military Showed Us How to Waste Money

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We would cease to follow our government’s example of wasting 50 cents of every dollar spent. In America, even many low-income Americans have more clothes in their closet than they need. However, the most ridiculous purchase of all is the need to have the latest “iPhone,” or “Samsung Galaxy.” For me, this is ignorance at its highest level. Most Americans fail to use their phone as a “phone” today.

If we do not defeat corporate America, we will continue on our current path of being slaves to plutocrats. The “rich will continue to become richer, and the poor, poorer.”

Quality of Life is the Only Way to Define a “Great Country”

A nation defined by its wealth, not the quality of life for its people, is sure to fail. This is the Republican plan for our country’s people. Income inequality is a serious problem exacerbated by less than 10 percent of the American people who control 90 percent of our nation’s wealth.

Join the revolution and save the futures of your family and everyone you love. Stop wasting your money. It’s better to place it in an old coffee can, buried in the backyard than to waste it making the CEO of General Motors richer. And it’s probably safer than putting it in one of our greedy financial institutions continuing to experience increased profits during the pandemic and use your money to invest in foreign companies while small businesses struggle in the U.S.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Author of “The Reluctant Prostitute”


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