Black and Latino Health Care

Black And Latinos
Black and Latino
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Skin Color

Black and Latino Health Care have been an issue this past year. There have been numerous deaths in the past year.  It has increased more than in past years due to COVID-19, and other types of infections going around.

People that are mostly Black and Latino were concerned due to not having great health care. Moreover, they were judged due to their skin color,

The  Black and Latinos thought their skin color and their bad health care would impact they’re getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  They were also worried because they didn’t know if the COVID-19 vaccine was gonna be expensive. Many were, somewhat, relive once they found out the COVID-19 vaccine was already paid for.

Black and Latino Deaths

There was an analysis made by Kaiser Family Foundation, where they found that Blacks and Latinos were the least to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

But have been educating themselves on what has been going on with COVID-19.  In some way helps them make bigger questions to doctors concerning their health.  The U.S. has been noted to be the 30th largest country to have 3,341 deaths which are still increasing over time.

Other types of genetics that are not white or Black And Latino, have the same problem as Blacks and Latinos, there was a graph made to show the difference between people of color and the white community and see which has more advantages or fewer problems with medical health, it shows how that white community has a lower rate of health care issues.


In other words, the Black and Latino community are facing a bigger amount of health care insurance and their insurance never really covers their Medical care Insurance has made it harder for older people to get good insurance that will cover them fully. Medical care has diminished financial physician service for persons aged older than 65 in the 1965s

Black and Latino
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ACA which stands for Affordable Care Act has been of big help to people that make a small income and are not able to pay full insurance, ACA has funded 100 percent of Medicaid expenses

The Affordable Care Act has been making changes in society by helping decrease the U.S racial-ethnic health insurance.  And giving them coverage to better their care.

People of older age rarely have a chance of full coverage since 2013 and from 2016 healthcare converge rates decreased which means their access to full coverage wasn’t guaranteed for most people, Black & Latino Health Care were most affected by this since their are more people of color asking for full coverage.

Rate of Insured

From 2013 and 2019 there was a lot of stuff happening.  Like the Black adults have unstable medication improvements from 2019 January 1.  There are 33 states who have their medication expended program even if they have a low ACA unsure rate they still got to gain coverage.

Written by: Rosie Nieto


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 Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Eric Allix Rogers’s Flickr Page -Some rights Reserved License

Inset Image Courtesy of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Flickr Page – All rights reserved

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