Bears Upside in 2022 Is the Emergence of Justin Fields

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Bears Aerial Attack

The Bears’ aerial attack has been a major storyline of the early part of the season. But while Mitchell Trubisky and Allen Robinson are doing their part to make the Bears’ offense one of the most dangerous units in football, what about Justin Fields? Sure, he’s a giant human who can do jumping jacks with his arms extended over his head, but he also happens to be an elite quarterback prospect who may have all-but-unlockable upside if he can improve his deep ball accuracy. So, how does Justin Fields fit into the Chicago Bears’ future? Let’s take a look at what we know about him so far.

The Bears lost to the Giants 20-12 and the biggest of the game was the offensive line’s inability to protect quarterback Justin Fields. As a whole, the line surrendered six sacks and 15 pressures. The Bears had seven penalties for 68 yards on Sunday, easily their worst performance in terms of discipline this season. But all in all, it was an encouraging start for a rookie quarterback making his first career NFL start. The Bears have been an offensive powerhouse for most of their history, but this season has been different. They are struggling to score and are losing games they should be winning. The reason for this is that the Bears’ offensive line is not playing well enough. They need help on the offensive line, and they need it now.

Offensive Line

The Bears’ offensive line struggled in pass protection last year, as well as this year. The Bears have had only one Pro Bowl left guard in their history, which was Orlando Pace back in 2010 when he was still with the Rams. This was a big problem for them because they did not have anyone who could block, or pass protect effectively enough to win games when they were down by only a few points late in a game.

This a trend that should be addressed by Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy, but at least it’s one that’s not surprising. The Bears have been trying to fix their interior offensive line for years now. While Cody Whitehair still might be good enough to play center at a high level, Sam Mustipher is too inconsistent at left guard and James Daniels is oft-injured at right guard. If Fields can continue to improve as he gets more comfortable under center — and as long as Matt Nagy continues to turn him loose — there will be plenty of guys in the receiving corps who can make plays. From Allen Robinson’s third-down conversions of 14 and 18 yards on the opening drive, Darnell Mooney

Field’s Abilities as a Bear

His first step will be to improve his accuracy downfield. Although his deep ball accuracy improved over the course of his final season at Ohio State, he still threw more interceptions than touchdowns passing downfield (12-11). Justin Fields is a good athlete but not an elite one. His speed is average, and his agility isn’t great either. He can make some plays with his legs, but he won’t take you anywhere in terms of rushing yards or touchdowns.

He has good arm strength and accuracy when throwing deep downfield, especially on balls thrown over 20 yards in distance (16-19). But he needs to improve his consistency overall if he wants to be ready for the NFL game-planning process immediately after being drafted by the Bears in 2022 because there are too many missed throws from time to time that lead directly into sacks taken by opposing defenses against him during games so far this season!


The Bears have an intriguing young quarterback in Justin Fields. The team has shown that they are willing to invest heavily in their draft picks and this is the first time they have selected a quarterback with a top-10 pick since Mitchell Trubisky (2nd overall). The Bears hope that Fields can develop into an elite passer who can improve their offense in terms of efficiency, scoring, and completions. If he does not pan out then there is no harm done because he was selected after Mitchell Trubisky’s rookie season but if he does pan out then the Bears will have gotten themselves one hell of a steal at No. 6 overall

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