Bears Win at Soldier Field

Chicago Bears Win at soldier field
Courtesy of Paul Eisenberg Flickr (CC0)

The first Sunday of the new NFL season kicked off in Chicago. The Chicago Bears made their debut against the San Francisco 49ers. The weather for the game seemed to be the main focus other than the game itself. The weather forecast came with rain but the 49ers didn’t realize the kind of showers Chicago has.

The game started with the Bears trailing early as by the end of the first half they were down 7-0. In the first half, it seemed that the Bears couldn’t manage to get anything going. Then everything seemed to go their way once Chicago’s quarterback Justin Fields managed to get them within the field goal in the 3rd quarter. Once Fields began completing more of his passes and getting the offense going the 49ers’ lead was non-existent.

Chicago Bears Win at soldier field
Courtesy of John Bracken Flickr (CC0)

The defense handled their business and made sure that 49ers quarterback Trey Lance had a tougher time. The fans managed to get behind the home team with no sort of hesitation as they gave the Bears more momentum.

Storm Takes over Soldier Field

The weather made sure that the crowd and teams did not forget about it. Soldier Field the home of the Bears received every part of the heavy rainfall in Chicago. Since the ground was wet you could actually see how deep the rain soaked into the field and caused both teams to play a little conservatively.

The Bear-down on the 49ers gave Sunday Football a crazy start to the day. The amount of defense that the Bears displayed really showed the improvements that were needed for this season. The Bears won their first week of the 2022-23 NFL season — defeating the 49ers 19-10 in the rain paradise of Soldier field. Will they follow like the Buffalo Bills and stay dominant? In week two the Bears will see their archrivals. They will face the Green Bay Packers with MVP Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field.

Written by Semetrius Holmes


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Featured Image Courtesy of John Bracken’s Flickr Page Creative Commons License


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