Mahomes and Chiefs Win in Arizona

Mahomes Wins
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The NFL Season had its first Sunday of football and it gave everything it was supposed to give. There is a certain level that elite players have to maintain in order to lead their team. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of those elite players. He can control the game in his favor with the skills he possesses. His football IQ has a bit of creativity and finesse as the way he views the field is something of utter magic.

Mahomes entered his sixth season in the NFL and already let the fans know that fantasy will be crazy for anyone on the Chiefs. He kept his word that every receiver that plays were targeted at least once. This does not mean they completed the pass, this means that it was intended for that specific receiver. The Chiefs faced Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals in the opposing territory.

First Game No Hill, No Problem

Mahomes wins
Courtesy of Roy Harryman Flickr (CC0)

The game started right exactly where Mahomes and his teammates left off last season. New Miami Dolphin teammate, Tyreek Hill, is no longer one of Mahomes wide receivers this year as he was traded in the offseason. Mahomes quickly put up numbers for the Chiefs scoring 14-0 in the first quarter. The second quarter was not as intense for Mahomes as the Cardinals finally score a touchdown.

Not having Hill in certain late-game situations, but Mahomes still gave everything he had on that field. Throwing to his star tight-end (TE) Travis Kelce for over 100 yards. Mahomes threw the ball with extreme precision as he went 100 percent for his first twelve throws.

He then proceeds to continue the throwing game as he reaches almost 400 yards in a single game with five touchdowns. Mahomes reached 360 yards on the day propelling his team to victory. The Chiefs beat the Cardinals 44-21 to kick off their NFL season.

Written by Semetrius Holmes


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