Russell Wilson Returns to Seattle

Russell Wilson
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Week one of the 2022-23 NFL season is coming to an end with one last game. Nobody could believe that these two teams would face off so soon. The Seattle Seahawks have always been where the All-Pro quarterback (QB) and Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson has entered week one. This year that still applies but in a different context. Wilson is no longer the starting quarterback for the Seahawks as he has moved on. He was traded earlier before the NFL preseason had begun.

Over the summer during the NFL offseason, teams made various changes to become championship contenders. The Denver Broncos participated and became heavy favorites in the Wilson sweepstakes in the NFL. Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, and even the Indianapolis Colts sent trade packages in order to secure Wilson to a new team. The winners of the star quarterback eventually became the Broncos.

Russ to Denver

Russell Wilson
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The trade package that the Broncos originally sent was denied until they realized they needed to go all in on Wilson. In doing so they finalized the trade for the quarterback before they made any offseason moves. Former Broncos Tight End (TE) Noah Fant and QB Drew Lock highlighted the trade and gave it more value than just picks.

The Seahawks received players Fant, Lock, and Defensive End (DE) Shelby Harris. The Broncos then added picks to the trade of 2022’s 1st, 2nd, and 5th rounds. An additional two picks added up to a total of five picks due to 2023’s 1st and 2nd rounds. Wilson returns to Seattle today to get the win for his new franchise the Broncos.

Wilson recently signed an extension with Denver after realizing that the team he is on is special. It will be exciting to see how not just the fans, but Wilson himself after having a change of scenery after years of being in Seattle returns. Let’s see if he can lead Bronco Nation to a winning start to the season.

Written by Semetrius Holmes


FS1: Skip and Shannon Undisputed Seattle Seahawks Trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos

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