Angelina Jolie Describes Alleged Abuse.

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The New Details

In a lawsuit filed on October 5, Angelina Jolie claims that during a trip in 2016, her husband, Brad Pitt, seized her by her head and shook her. He then allegedly choked one of their children and hit another when they defended her.

Unrelated to their ongoing divorce, the couple’s quarrel over a winery as well as a French home that they shared led Jolie to file a cross-complaint, which incorporated details of the violence experienced on the non public aircraft. Jolie furthermore promptly asked for a divorce from Pitt.

A Pitt spokesman whom wasn’t authorized to talk in public, fiercely denied Jolie’s charges, calling it “another discussion that just harms their reputation.”

Shortly following the flight, the allegations of claims on the plane were first made public. The specific details are kept in divorce papers that of which were secret. Investigations conducted by the Los Angeles Family Services and FBI , both of which came to the conclusion that no furthermore action against Pitt would need to happen.

After a trial conducted in secret where the claims were first leveled, the court gave Pitt shared custody of the children. However, after a indicator from Jolie, an appeals court canceled the judgment by disqualifying the private judge for not being able to disclose any conflicts of interest.


When a Jolie lawsuit against the FBI due to a Freedom of Information Act request made available to the public earlier this year, more information about the claims became obtainable.

The lawsuit claims that on September 14, 2016, Pitt, Jolie, and their six kids left the Chateau Miraval winery for Los Angeles.

“Pitt had a dispute involving one of the kids prior to the family arriving at the airport, signaling the beginning of his violent behavior. Jolie approached Pitt after the plane took off and asked as to what was wrong “the document states. Pitt verbally abused her and claimed that she was showing too much deference to the kids.

Shocking Details

Then it continues, “He dragged her inside the restroom and yelled at her there. Pitt shook and sized Jolie, Pitt then grabbed her shoulders then continued to shake her.” Pitt allegedly retaliated after one of the kids, verbally assisted Jolie.

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“Jolie took hold of Pitt from behind as he lunged towards his very own child. Pitt injured Jolie’s elbow and back as he flung himself backward into the airplane seats” the document states. “The young people sprinted in and bravely made an effort to protect one another. Before it was over, Pitt punched another child on the face and choked another.”

According to the paper, he then allegedly poured beer on Jolie and beer and red wine on the kids. In the days that passed, Jolie’s gave two FBI investigators with a explanation of the flight. The organization later provided that it had got censored a-lot, according to a report.


A image of Jolie shown with hand injury that looked like rugburn and a bruise on her elbow. She alleged that Pitt appeared sober and knowledgeable despite having drunk around three beers. Following a conference between investigators and the federal prosecutors, “it was decided by all parties that criminal charges in this incident would be pursued due to several circumstances,” the report states.

According to a announcement coming from the FBI, the agency “did a review of the circumstances and will not continue further inquiry.” For over 10 years, the 58-year-old Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt and the 47-year-old Oscar-winning actress and director Angelina Jolie were probably the most well-known couples in Hollywood.

They were romantically intricated for ten years up until they married in 2014. Jolie applied for divorce in 2016.

A judge ruled that they were not married anymore in 2019. although, the case of the divorce has not yet able to get resolved due to financial difficulties and unresolved custody.

Written By Lance Santoyo


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