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Cynthia Thomas’ Bio

My name is Cynthia Thomas, and I am 16 years old. I joined this program to get more experience in writing. In my opinion, it is a creative skill and I always want to expand my imagination or find a new way to do or explain something.

I feel like it improves communication skills and possibly makes you more confident. I already consider myself of having those things, but this would definitely help show improvement. Overall, I’m excited about exploring and learning new things and making this a big opportunity for myself. I consider myself very creative. I like to read, play instruments, and also write.

I consider myself very expressive and just a calm person overall. I enjoy anything that I get to add my opinion to or can build on. I like to be able to create and not be original. I think it’s always important to look at something from different perspectives or to be able to think outside the box. I feel like writing helps you think, and it can also be a problem-solving skill or a coping mechanism.  The use of writing or being able to explain something can get you to big places. I feel like it would always be beneficial to be able to write, so therefore it would be beneficial to me to join this program.

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