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‘Elden Ring’ Is Still Good After the Hype.

Elden Ring
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“Elden Ring” is FromSoft studio’s latest masterpiece. It is a fantasy game set in a fantasy world. The content of the game is much like the dark souls’ trilogy before it. The newest entry from FromSoft studios picks the Miyazaki design of gameplay up and places it in an open world. This open world is filled with monsters, magic, and demons. Just like many of the games before, “Elden Ring” is inspired by Berserk. Berserk is a dark fantasy series commonly cited to be the greatest dark fantasy of all time. 

The Culmination of Everything

“Elden Ring” has elements from the “Soulsborne” series. The “Soulsborne” series include: “Demon souls,” “Dark Souls” one through three, “Sekiro,” “Bloodborne,” and now “Elden Ring.” “Elden Ring” has dual wielding from “Dark souls 2,” jumping from “Sekiro,” and many other traits from past games. “Elden Ring” was released on February 15, 2022. It is time to figure out if “Elden Ring” is good after the hype.

The elements of a great video game are: looks, balancing, story, replayability, music, freedom, and characters. This list is different people but these are the metrics that “Elden Ring” will receive criticism. “Elden Ring” is full of beautiful forests and dangerous areas like Caelid. It is generally beautiful and absolutely stunning. 

A Beautiful Masterpiece

“Elden Ring” is a beautiful game, there is no doubt about that. Everything from the weapon arts, to the environments, is beautiful. The landscapes are dynamic and they feel alive. The views in this game are astonishing and the entire game has this level of artistic excellence. The mountains in other games are just mountains, but in “Elden Ring” the mountains are a part of the whole area’s design. 

Elden Ring
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Everything feels intentional, the effort they put into this game can clearly be felt and seen. This is a game for those who want to be amazed by beautiful areas in a game. The first time playing this game is an experience many cherish to this very day. The hype for this game was real. Even after the hype, the game is still beautiful. After taking the rose-tinted glasses off, the beauty of “Elden Ring” can still be seen.


“Elden Ring” was once a balancing mess. With blades like the rivers of blood and moon veil terrorizing players in PVP, the balancing was all over the place. However, FromSoft studios buckled down and got their PVP balancing together. They buffed the melee weapons and nerfed the overpowered ones. No one could have predicted that the balancing for the weapons would immediately be off on launch. However, with support from the developers, the balancing got a lot better. With balance patches over time, the game’s PVP aspect was much less toxic because of the overpowered weapons. The game’s PVP is healthier now that the developers stepped in and made a few tweaks. 


“Elden Ring” has a very interesting and complex story and lore. It tells the tale of a “tarnished.” A tarnished is an undead warrior that keeps coming back to life. The main character fights warriors from all across the land that have lore and narrative stakes. The lore is gigantic and all the interwoven narrative webs across the large map of “Elden Ring” can be quite a lot for a new player to step into. However, with enough time and experience, everything will start to make sense. 

 The story is deep and complex and has themes of change and resolution deep within the narrative. The game has multiple endings that explore multiple themes. The story of “Elden Ring”, much like its predecessors, is told in bits and pieces. Dialogue and item descriptions tell the story through small bites of info. This leaves the intricacies of the story up for debate and discussion. Entire channels have sprouted up on YouTube just discussing the game’s lore and the lore from previous FromSoft games.


Unfortunately, this amazing game does not have that many replayability qualities. While it is an amazing game with great qualities in general, this is its only real failure. The bosses towards the late end of the game are hit with an insane difficulty spike. This makes replaying the game very difficult who just want to replay the game with a new build. Certain things like a just melee build with no help simply aren’t viable anymore because of the way the end-game bosses were designed. It simply stops being fun after a while.

Elden Ring
Courtesy of Antonino SCIMECA (Flickr CC0)

The Summoning Mechanic

Usually, in the “Soulsborne” series, the player can easily point out why they died and begin to change that or adapt to it. The bosses themselves are what need to change. Some bosses were designed with extra help in mind. The game’s new summoning mechanic was greatly considered when the developers were making the endgame bosses.

 The summoning mechanic is the mechanic that allows players to summon creatures from the game. The problem with this is when players that don’t summon have to deal with bosses that were designed with summoning in mind. It makes for excruciating experience fighting bosses like Melania or the Godskin duo. All of this makes replayability really hard. No one wants to have to resort to using the same mechanic in every play-through.


The music in “Elden Ring” is pretty good. It’s above average, it doesn’t stand out in comparison to all of the other great things about the game. However, the game wouldn’t be the same if the music were replaced with another score. The music fits so well, it immerses the player into the battles and environments. It is perfect for the game but doesn’t hit the iconic highs such as Gwyn’s theme from The original dark souls.

Player Freedom

“Elden ring” lets the players play however they want. All types of builds are viable to use for the whole game, aside from the 6 or so bosses. There are more spells than ever before and there are many cool weapons to choose from. There are berserk-inspired armor and European-style knight armor as well. “Elden Ring” is a treasure trove of cool armor and weapons to try out. Not all of them are as good as pre-patch Moonveil, but they don’t have to be. The game allows for deep exploration on horseback. The traversal elements are much more complex in “Elden Ring” than in any other FromSoft game.


The in-game characters are very interesting. Each with its own unique backstories and character motivations. They have cool character designs and they have great voice actors. The characters in the game have witty dialogue and cool weapons. They fit well into the game and they blend together with the world-building. The characters are good, there’s not much else to be said about it.

Still Pretty Good

“Elden Ring” is an amazing game, with amazing graphics, story, and characters. It deserves all the praise it has received and is a top contender for game of the year. It is a flawed masterpiece and is one of the greatest games of all time. “Elden ring” is still good after the hype.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


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