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Reagan Said ‘Trust but Verify’ if You Verify Republican Campaign Ads You Won’t Trust Them

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I hate television this time of year, every two years. The same campaign ads begin airing about six months before the election and continue relentlessly. If any voter hasn’t decided who they will vote for in November by now, they are waiting for another ad that agrees with their own misguided understanding of what is happening in our state, and that’s just ignorant.

There are two critical contests in my state of Nevada. Our Democratic Governor, Steve Sisolak, is being challenged by former Clark Country Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, a Trump Republican.

Mr. Sisolak handled the pandemic ignored by Trump and his followers extremely well. Our economy suffered minimal damage. Inflation is harming the working class, while the super-rich experience additional income and profits. Once again, Mr. Sisolak is taking every step possible to ease the pain of Nevada’s workers. My estimation is that his accomplishments have helped the majority. His biggest challenge was following his predecessor. Republican Brian Sandoval was the best governor in Nevada since I moved here in 1986. Overall, I give Mr. Sisolak a B+.

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Joe Lombardo has no experience in governing. He is a lifetime member of law enforcement. According to the people of Clark County, he was a terrible sheriff. Naturally, his campaign ads are nothing but baseless attacks against Governor Sisolak. His supporters have created conspiracy theories and added blatant falsehoods in an attempt to redirect the fact that he was incompetent as a Sheriff. This situation is a perfect example of what Ronald Reagan was referring to when he told a crowd to “trust but verify.”

Senate is currently held by Catherine Cortez Masto. Ms. Masto has proven that her efforts to serve the people of Nevada are sincere, and her accomplishments confirm that fact. She has been endorsed by nearly every credible agency in our state, including law enforcement.

Her opponent is Adam Laxalt whose past has been saturated in involvement with big oil, including Charles Koch. Before losing to Governor Sisolak in 2018, he served a term as Nevada’s attorney general. He was accused of accepting bribes. When out of office, he took a job in Washington as a lobbyist for a big oil company.

His campaign is running ads that are composed of even bigger lies than those aimed at Governor Sisolak. His biggest lie concerns President Biden’s ‘Inflation Relief Program.” With the use of blatant lies and not a shred of evidence, claims are being made that the tax increases will harm low-income and working-class Americans. The truth is that no one making less than $400,000 per year will find an increase in their federal income tax. Nevada does not have a state tax.

Both Republicans continue to celebrate one of the darkest days in our nation’s history, June 24, 2022, when a biased Supreme Court overturned a 50-year-old decision by a qualified Court known as Roe v Wade. They would ban all abortions, even in the case of rape, incest, and probable life-threatening conditions for the woman.

The last thing our state needs are men like Trump making decisions for our state’s people in Carson City, or in the Capitol Building.

To all my fellow, proud Nevadans, please vote for yourselves and your family, vote for Sisolak and Masto on November 8th.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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