Governor Election in Illinois, Early Voting in Chicago

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Illinois Governor Election

On Thursday, current Illinois Governor JB Pritzker faced off against Republican challenger Darren Baily in their first televised debate. In Chicago, early voting has officially begun. It has begun on Friday in only two locations in the Loop so far. The two locations are Clark and Lake streets and 69th West Washington Street on the sixth floor.

At the early voting supersite on Clark and Lake, Edis Verbaker, 92, was first in line, securing herself from the weather. Well, I like early voting because it’s simpler, Verbaker remarked. you know, there are fewer people, so I can take my time. Starting about nine in the morning, a slow flow of people began to enter the supersite. According to Christian Morris, he came to vote for human rights. As early voting gets underway in Chicago, Marlene Taylor stated that it is the issues that are at stake that motivate her to vote. Taylor stated it’s not just for me; it’s for other people, particularly women, who need to make their own decisions with their own bodies.

Morris stated this is 2022 transitioning into 2023. Some people want to take us back to 1922, but that’s not the right way to do it. With just over a month until the midterm elections, important races like the governor’s race are generating interest.

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Top of the ballot is the election for governor. Governor JB Pritzker and Republican opponent Darren Bailey engaged in their first televised debate on Thursday night. There were several tense exchanges as the candidates insulted and interrupted one another in relation to the Safe-T Act, gun control, taxes, and abortion, among other topics.

Pritzker spoke while Bailey talked over him, saying, Darren Bailey wants to abolish a woman’s right to choose, he wants to take away women’s reproductive freedom. The nation’s most lax abortion regulations are found in Illinois. Nothing will change after I become governor, Bailey asserted. The discussion has given voters a lot to consider.

Post-Debate Thoughts

Michael Vogt stated, there was no doubt that last night’s debate was incredibly affirming after watching approximately 15 seconds of it. One of many competitive statewide races this year is for Illinois State Comptroller. Current officeholder Susana Mendoza is running against Shannon Teresi, the McHenry County auditor. The comptroller is responsible for making payments on behalf of the state. The comptroller and treasurer positions would be combined, though, under a new republican-backed plan.

Officials from the Chicago Board of Elections are alerting voters to possible changes on November 8 in the meantime. Due to recent redistricting and a new city ward plan, over half of Chicago voters will have a new precinct polling location by election day. Max Bever, director of Public Information for the Chicago Board of Elections, said, we are advising Chicago voters to create a plan to vote and to check their voter information ahead of time. On November 8, don’t leave it till the last minute. Plan your vote for today.

Although early voting started in the city on Friday, it was actually possible to cast a ballot in some Chicago-area counties last week. 22 early voting locations will eventually be more accessible, and 269 more polling locations will be added on Election Day. DuPage County Chief Deputy Clerk Adam Johnson stated, we had 50 voters this morning, which is roughly 18% ahead of where we were four years ago. Although it’s not yet apparent if the start of early voting will be indicative of future voter turnout, some, like Arnell McGee, believe that the right to vote is too significant to be denied. She commanded, step up and quit talking. By October 24, more early locations will be accessible in all 50 wards. Make sure to get out there and vote.

Written by Gabriel Salgado


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