Iranian Women in Chicago March for Women’s Rights in Iran

Iranian Women
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What are Iranian Women Doing?

Following the incident where an innocent woman, by the name of Mahsa Amini, was killed in police custody in Iran, there have been many protests that have been erupting all across the world. There are many Iranian women that are absolutely outraged following this incident. There are many Iranian women that feel unsafe when around police, even away from Iran, here in Chicago. “Can you imagine that even now I have anxiety even seeing police.” mentions Azi from WTTW. These women feel that they can’t trust those who are there to protect, as they are doing many shocking things.

Being united is one of the biggest things that need to happen. “In Chicago, hundreds of people have taken to the streets in solidarity.” Being in solidarity strengthens the movement, to the point that the government can’t do much, since they have a strong union.

What is Being Done in Chicago?

Many Iranian women that live in Chicago are taking to the streets, fighting for their sisters in Iran who have to endure this injustice. “Protest leaders marched the crowd down Michigan Ave., leading chants of “woman, life, freedom,” which has become the rallying cry of these global protests” mentions The Depaulia. Many Iranian women feel the effects of Iran’s regime everywhere, and are fighting for a change in government, as per the Green Movement.

Iranian Women
Courtesy of Kate Gardiner (Flickr CC0)

There are many people that are happy they have rights in Chicago, but feel for their family in Iran. “I think freely here, but I can’t ignore that my friends in Iran don’t have those rights.” Iran is still imposing these rules against women, and unfortunately the current president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, is keeping the strict ruling alive.

Has Biden Done Anything Regarding This Movement?

Biden has been angered because of the Iranian regime, and decided to do something about it. Biden understands that the access to Internet is very limited to many Iranian citizens because of the recent blackout. “The Biden administration responded by relaxing sanctions on internet services in Iran to “support the free flow of information” for Iranians.” Biden’s administration wants awareness to be made from Iran about how bad things are becoming for women, and how women’s rights are being invalidated all across Iran. This is a great move that Biden has done for Iranian women, and shows his support for these injustices.

What is The Green Movement?

The Green Movement, was when the majority believes that the election was pilfered. Many are still utilizing the Green Movement, but for a different cause. ““The chants have changed drastically, nobody is talking about reform. Now people are asking for a change of government.” This change of government would be beneficial for women in Iran, and would bring peace to those that live in Chicago. A change in government means a change in regime, and many Iranian women would no longer need to have as much anxiety as they do now.

The Future of Iran Because of These Protests

These protests are opening many doors for the future of Iran. There is a grand amount of women that are not in favor of the ruling, this grows the union more. This is a grand revolution against the government of Iran.

This is truly devastating for the women of Iran, as they deserve to have the freedom to decide what to wear and when to wear it. They should not have a government, of men, dictating what they wear and when they should wear it. There is this worldwide hope that Iranian regime will change and that women will get the justice that they deserve.

Written by David Loran Jr


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Clare Black’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of Kate Gardiner’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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