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Tesla Presents New Robot Prototype Optimus, Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Raita Futo (Flickr CC0)

Tesla’s Latest Invention

Recently Tesla owner Elon Musk released his prototype of a life-sized human-robot on Telsa’s AI day. On the first ever AI day Elon first presented his idea of Optimus. This was the name of a soon-to-be artificial robot which he presented with a dancer in a costume. That was a little bit over a year ago. Now his dream is becoming more of a reality.

At a Silicon Valley event, Optimus appeared on stage and raised its knees while waving to the crowd. Musk says the robot was operating without a tether for the first time. The reason tethers are usually used is to keep the robot from falling and damaging itself. When on stage Optimus was shown completing simple tasks such as watering plants and lifting boxes. There was nothing too special about the capabilities of the robot.

The abilities that Optimus displayed are very similar to competitors. For example, Boston Dynamics have very similar machines that can do the same things and are even capable of doing full backflips and dance routines. Musk says that the robot is capable of so much more but they did not want it to fall on its face. That definitely would not be a good advertisement. Although Telsa has competitors they have still come a long way since last year with not even having a prototype ready.

Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson (Flickr CC0)

Superior Above All Others

The company claims that they have the upper hand when developing its version of artificial intelligence. The reason why is that they could implement Tesla’s driver-assistance system that they use on their vehicles. This means that robots will be able to move on their own. The slight problem is that this self-driving system is made for a human that is alert in order to take over at any time. This system is currently not capable of being fully independent but the company hopes to soon have that feature available.

Musk claims the robot is still not ready but will be on sale for public use in a few more years’ time. In order to test the robots for defects, the company engineers say the robots will be tested by working jobs in the car factories in order to find defects in their program. According to Mr. Musk, the robots would be mass-produced in three to five years for less than $20,000.

Advancement Is Essential for the Future

Musk spoke further on the production saying that the technology he is producing is essential for the future. It can transform civilizations Musk says.

Experts are still very skeptical about the situation. They do not truly believe that Tesla will go back from its main goal which was to make electric vehicles. Musk claims that he wants to solve a very difficult problem in artificial intelligence which is to make a machine that is identical to a human.

People are asking the question why would he want to build a human robot? Musk had once warned about the danger of artificial intelligence and its effect on humanity. Tesla says that they aimed to ensure that the transition to a society in which people got the rewards and robots performed the work was a secure one. Musk added that they are being very careful to make sure that the robots don’t go down the terminator path, alluding to a popular movie about a murderous robot.

There are also details on safety precautions such as a stop button on each product that can not be interfered with.

Written By Esteban Ruiz


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Raita Futo‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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