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Chicago Chefs Coming Together for Puerto Rico

Courtesy of Pat Quin (Flickr CCO)

The dangerous hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico leaving thousands of residents without power. Chefs from Chicago have decided to band together to make a relief fundraiser for the people of Puerto Rico.  Last Wednesday Chicago Chefs cooked more than two dozen cuisines. From 6 to 9 p.m., the evening event will be at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture (NMPRAC). Tickets will be $150 per person. People were able to purchase these tickets at the door (3015 West Division). Chefs who participated in this event included Cely Rodriguez from The Jibarito Shop, Paul Virant from Vistro Prime, and Sam Rattanopas & Mina Sudsa-ard from NaKorn. These are just a few of the twenty-seven chefs that participated in the event.

The Disaster that Caused the Chefs to Ban Together

Puerto Rico has had bad luck with these hurricanes. Remember the 2017 disaster of hurricane Irma caused by winds, floods, and destroyed roads? Now the Irma hurricane may not have directly overpassed Puerto Rico; instead changing direction and moving North to Florida, still it left a significant amount of damage on the U.S. territory. In addition,  most times when something terrible happens in Puerto Rico the United States does everything it can to help. The Puerto Rico National Guard reported over 1,000 rescues from hurricane Fiona that hit earlier this past week. In addition, Pierluisi activated more than 450 Puerto Rico National Guard members.

Courtesy of Kenneth Lu (Flickr CCO)

The faces of residents in Puerto Rico show devastation, frustration, and impatience. They witness their homes being destroyed right after they just recovered from the 2017 hurricanes. No electricity as a result of the harsh winds on the powerlines. Furthermore, the citizens did not know if more help is coming. Soon the hard-working residents of Puerto Rico will catch their break but for now, it’s just hardship.

The chefs saw all this tragedy and knew that we as people try to do the best we can when it comes to helping others through hard times. People have to appreciate all that can be done for each other because if they do not the hope will wash away. With the power of social media people share what is going on and what can people do to help.

More Needs to be Done

In order to restore what Puerto Rico once had, they need to keep having these events. A marathon, fundraiser, or blood drive for those who were injured.

Furthermore, one must prepare for the absolute worse, Hurricane Ian can change course very fast again, striking Florida or even worse going deeper into the U.S. In addition there are people on social media stocking water bottles, food, and other supplies. This is good news that most people had prepared for the worst.

On the other hand, no one needs another pandemic problem where everyone tries to take so much, food, and supplies to where there is no more for the people who do not have the funds to keep themselves in a safe comfort zone.

It is all about looking out for others so that others can look out for each other when help is needed. Harmful geographical events happen all the time. For example, the earthquake that occurred earlier this past week in Mexico. In addition, people should always band together and keep doing what we do best which is helping.

Written by Vincent Sauseda Jr.


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Featured and Top image courtesy of Pat Quinn-Creative Commons

Inset image courtesy of Kenneth Lu-Creative Commons

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