Why the American Working Man Hates Corporate America in One Word: Greedflation

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Hate Corporate America in One Word: Greedflation

I went grocery shopping today. I was astounded at how the industries which provide our food are literally raping consumers. Let me use a single example of how disgusting our farmers and every related industry have become in 2022.

No Need to Raise Prices

My wife and I love salads. I looked for Romaine lettuce. One small head of Romaine was $4.98. This was at a discount store. I would guess that at more high-priced stores, it may be as much as $7.98. We have no other income than social security, and although many items in our stores have doubled in price, we will only be receiving an 8.7 percent increase in our checks. Profit Before People: America’s motto and reason for existence.

My wife grows many of our vegetables. Lettuce of all varieties are easy to grow, take little time, and are consistent in quality. In the same store, a head of iceberg lettuce, which is only acceptable for sandwiches, was $2.98. Before prices began to rise, it was $.98. Nothing proves that the current “inflation” is a farce, more than this one situation. Unfortunately, the conditions this summer resulted in a poor and limited growing season for my wife’s small garden. However, the farms which produce our green vegetables suffered no such problem in states other than Nevada.

The word is accurately “greedflation” and no one has taken more advantage of the working man than the food industry and big oil.

Raising prices is not Justified: This is pure greed

There is no shortage of basic food requirements for the average family. There is no shortage of petroleum products. During the pandemic, gasoline consumption was at a record low. Companies producing our food have not raised wages for their overworked and underpaid employees. These same companies recorded record profits during the height of the pandemic. Big oil has raped our country for the last 50 years and is taking advantage of the current situation to increase its already bloated profits.

The Majority Do Not Trust the Super-Rich

Long before Trump attempted to destroy our nation, there has been a war, a Civil War, between the working class and corporate America. The “99 percent” protests several years ago demonstrated the hatred most Americans had and continue to have for the super-rich. They are the plutocrats who now own the Republican Party and are willing to replace our democratic government with fascism. With this system in place, they would control our nation forever. The dreams of our Founding Fathers would be but a memory.

As of today, these are the average and unnecessary increases in a few food prices across America:

  • Beef and veal: +16.2%
  • Pork: +14%
  • Poultry: +12.5%
  • Fish and seafood: +10.4%
  • Eggs: +11.4%
  • Dairy: +5.2%

None of these increases are based on capitalistic principles: this is greedflation.

Our Nation is Controlled by Plutocrats

Thanks to today’s fake Republicans beginning with Reagan in 1981, America is no longer a capitalistic society. It is now a plutocracy in which the super-rich control every event in our daily lives, including unnecessarily inflated prices on every commodity needed by the majority. This is the first step towards dictatorship and the end of freedom in America.

Look at the Facts and Ignore Biased Television Reporting

Nothing of what I am offering you is fantasy, theory, or a conspiracy theory. The facts, based on a history of greed by our nation’s wealthiest families, are there for everyone to see if they take a few minutes to research the truth.

The super-rich wanted Trump to remain in power indefinitely. The only “accomplishment” in his four years pretending to be your president was giving tax breaks to the wealthy and our nation’s largest corporations. He protected the fact that in the 21st century, America is a business, not a country. The people are of no importance to every politician sitting on the right side of the aisle in the Capitol Building.

Your Vote is More Important than Ever

I cannot stress the importance of voting on November 8th. If “Republicans” dominate Washington, they will have complete control over your future and the future of our nation. This is a dark and frightening fact, although if you watch Fox News, you are ignoring reality.

I can only offer you the truth. Our nation is divided and at war between those who choose ignorance, and those who believe in the freedom of thought and opinion based on facts.

Which side are you on?

Op-ed by James Turnage, Author of “DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR GOD AND COUNTRY”


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