Lightfoot Suggests Increase in Pay

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and People’s Opinion

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is the current mayor of Chicago. She ran for office around 3 years ago in 2019. When she first ran for office, her words were words of hope for the City of Chicago. She said many things that she would do when she got in office, that many residents believed this was a dream come true, quite literally. Many argue, though, that Lightfoot has not fulfilled her promise when she was inaugurated. She promised that she would focus on the climate, and also reduce crime. But as of lately, it seems crime has been increasing instead of decreasing. ” It seems Lightfoot is incapable of doing anything about crime there anyway.” mentions a user on Quora by the name of Carole Smith.

She also seems to be someone who is inappropriate when it comes to the public sector. “Her style is a top-bottom approach, very different from what she campaigned on” mentions Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez from the New York Times. Meaning, that she started at the very top with a lot of supporters, and has slowly been going downwards as time has gone on.

Lightfoot Suggest an Increase in Pay

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Lightfoot has taken it upon herself to increase her own pay by a somewhat large sum. “A 5% pay hike would raise the mayor’s salary by $10,810, to $227,020” mentions NBC 5 News. There is some time before this actually takes effect though. This new policy would take into effect in 2024! Along with this pay increase, there would be others, such as clerks and the treasurer, that would also have their pay increased. “Conyears-Ervin noted during budget hearings that the clerk and treasurer salaries had remained unchanged since 2005” mentions Chicago SunTimes. This would be an adjustment that many would have to get used to, and there are many that are already declining this drastic change. There are some that feel that this is being done just to benefit the mayor herself.

What do The Majority Think About This Pay Raise?

It is safe to say that the majority, after hearing about this pay raise that she is giving to herself and to the clerks, is something that wont fly that easily. This is mainly because there are people who say that she has not kept her promise. The Climate is still struggling a lot, and we are facing the repercussions of that over time. There is also the idea of crime. Crime still plagues the city, and more than ever before! Back in 2021, violence was not an occurrence too much. Yes, it still did occur, but if we compare the statistics to today in 2022, there is a major difference. “The proposed raise comes as Lightfoot has faced a stream of heated criticism for her handling of violent crime in her city, which has increased 37% compared to 2021.” according to Fox News. It seems that crime is not lessening in the City of Chicago, and the people are incredibly angered, and feel that she has done nothing to address the violence that occurs.

There has also been a major increase in car-jackings across the city. “The number of motor vehicle thefts so far in 2022 is up 74% compared to the same period in 2021.” mentions fox news. These stats are just in the past year!

Future of the Mayor, and the People

The people are hoping that a change can come, and can come quick. There are many people that are afraid to even go outside in fear of the crime that occurs throughout Chicago. It is practically impossible to fully stop crime, but it is possible to lessen it, and that is what any agree Lori Lightfoot has failed to do.

Written by David Loran Jr


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