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Will McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” Be as “Successful” as Gingrich’s “Contract With America?”

McCarthyIn the 1990s disgraced Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, announced the new GOP plan for our nation’s future, calling it the “Contract with America.” He was later indicted for fraud, and his party forgot about his meaningless policies.

What is different about those who call themselves “Republicans” today and those of the George W. Bush administration can be confirmed if we simply look at the extremists within the once Grand Old Party today.

During the Bush 43 administration, not a single member of his party voted against any policy or proposed legislation supported by their illegitimate president. However, when the TEA Party invaded the right-wing in 2010, it began the end of what remained of the Party of Lincoln. Today there are less than a handful of true Republicans in Washington. The others deserted their party in January of 2017 and now have several different names: “The Trump MAGA Republicans,” “The American Fascist Party,” and “The Party of Special Interests,” just to name a few. All are accurately applied to those on the right side of the aisle in the 21st century.

Among other hollow claims, McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” includes meaningless terms including “an economy that’s strong” and “a future that’s built on freedom.” Hilarious. The last two Republican presidents destroyed our economy. Both President Obama and President Joe Biden were forced to repair the damage caused by their predecessors. Trump attempted to destroy the ‘freedoms’ of the majority of Americans, including voting rights for the poor and minorities.

Matt Gaetz and his squad are typical of how f**ked up the right-wing is today.

Gaetz was elected to represent Florida’s first district. He doesn’t, he and his little group support Trump and his fascist plans for America.

My daughter lives in Naples. If you were in a coma over the last week, you don’t know that the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history devasted the Sunshine State with heavy winds and sea levels rising to levels which flooded much of the state. Hundreds of miles of real estate are in disrepair after “Ian” cut a wide swath through southern and central Florida. President Biden declared Florida a disaster area making funding available through FEMA for all of the state’s citizens in need.

On Thursday the House passed a ‘stop gap’ measure to prevent a government shut down and provide additional disaster relief for the people of Florida. However, a “Florida son,” Matt Gaetz and his squad of anti-Americans voted against the measure. Refusing to do the right thing is standard operating procedure among today’s fake Republicans. Is this what McCarthy meant when he declared his policy of a “Commitment to America?” I don’t want to know about other parts of his plan.

I blame the people of Florida for everything which is negative and harmful in their lives. They elected Gaetz, Ron DeSantis, and Rick Scott, and deserve whatever happens to them.

I apologize to my daughter, who is an intelligent and wonderful human being. However, I could never live in a state where I was surrounded by morons.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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