The Most Corrupt Government in the World Is Becoming Worse Every Day

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Men and women have been executed based on the Espionage Act. Others are serving life in prison, and even more, were expelled from America and exiled forever from the United States post-WWII. Why is Donald Trump a free man?

Trump’s desperate efforts to redirect the facts, proof that he stole highly classified documents from the White House with the intention of seeking personal gain, are irrefutable and he has committed treason against the nation he pretended to lead for four disgusting and embarrassing years, again.

Trump can make any claims about persecution, and whatever other term he might use, but the facts are undeniable, he is the greatest criminal in the history of the United States of America.

Today a district court judge, obviously biased towards Trump and his fascist and criminal agenda, negated the order from the “special master” and is allowing Trump even more time to compose a defense. There is no defense. He should be under arrest, awaiting an indictment. He has finally committed the ultimate crimes and cannot be given a free pass again. Justice is not blind, or just, but it has its limits as to how far it can protect the rich and powerful.

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Obstruction of Justice, Dereliction of Duty resulting in more than one million deaths from COVID-19, and planning, organizing, and executing a failed coup attempt was not enough to put him in prison or in front of a ‘firing squad.’ Now there is an abundance of proof that he violated the Espionage Act, the same reason Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were strapped to the electric chair, and yet Donald “Drumpf” remains a free man.

Here’s what’s happening today. U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, exceeded her powers and allowed the appointment of a ‘special master’ to slow the process of indicting Trump for theft of national secrets. Now, she didn’t like the special master’s decision that the investigation could continue and is allowing Trump more time to make up excuses, by voiding this decision. She claimed his “management plan exceeds the grant of authority from the district court on this issue.” Cannon is allowing Trump’s lawyers more time to “assess the documents.”

“Lock him up,” and throw away the key. This old, extremely white, obese man is worthless and continues to harm our nation by dividing our people. I was taught not to hate, but I am three weeks younger than the orange buffoon and there is a dark spot growing next to my heart.

Throughout the eight years of President Obama’s administration, I consistently retained hope for my country. America was moving forward. However, from day one, Trump and his regressive party began to move our nation backward into its dark past. Millions of white supremacists crawled out from under their rocks. Trump exposed his support of racism in his first speech in June of 2015.

The very fact that he received 74 million votes in 2020 is extremely disturbing. When I read the results, I had to ask myself if the dream of our founding fathers is worth saving.

People compose a country. Our leaders are intended to represent us. The men and women Trump represents are not Americans. They are fascists who would shred the Constitution with the exception of the Second Amendment.

The United States of America is no longer a country of laws. Trump’s freedom proves that our justice system is dysfunctional. In the 21st century, it only applies to low-income and impoverished Americans; the bottom 50 percent of our nation’s population.

I am glad I am an old man who will not see America’s future. As Trump claimed on January 20, 2017, “the United States of America is a dark and dismal place” in the 21st century.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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