The People of Georgia Should Follow Perry Greene’s Example

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On Wednesday, Perry Greene, the husband of one of the worst congresspersons in history, Marjorie Taylor Greene, filed papers to end their 27-year marriage. He stated that the couple had been separated for some time and that the bonds of their marriage were “irretrievably broken.”

Perry Greene also asked that the divorce be filed under seal, saying that “the record will contain sensitive personal and financial information, the public disclosure of which would negatively impact the parties’ privacy interests.” They learned this from Donald Trump: the truth can take you down.

Greene refused to comment but acknowledged that she had received the papers, asking that her privacy be respected, the same way she respects the privacy of pregnant women, the transexual community, and people of color.

I’m not sure if you can divorce someone on the grounds of “irreparable stupidity,” but the people of Georgia can separate themselves from the ‘moron of the senate, in November, and I hope they do. She, along with Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and others has proven once and for all that the intelligence level of the GOP has declined significantly. Being stupid is apparently the new standard for running under the flag of the former Republican Party.

No one in America’s 246-year history embarrassed themselves as frequently or in such a disturbing and moronic way as MTG.

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You might remember when she accused Nancy Pelosi of leading the “Gazpacho police.” That just brought chuckles.

And I am aware that there is an ongoing contest among morons on the right side of the aisle to remain in first place in the “stupid column,” but Greene has the longest tenure on the list, surpassing Louie Gohmert, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz.

Here are some of her more “memorable” comments.

“Trans does not mean gender change, it just means a gender refusal and gender pretending! Truth is truth, it is not a choice!!!”

“The most mistreated group of people in the United States today are white males.” (Life must be tough for old, white men in America).

“I’m fine with being kicked off of my committees because it’d be a waste of my time. So now I have a lot of free time on my hands.” (What is she paid for?)

“The media mob, which controls which information is told and tells people how to think about it, are effectively re-educating our population, while communists woke teacher’s unions are brainwashing our children.”

“Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazis forced Jewish people to wear a gold star.” (Does the same apply to “I voted” stickers? It must be. She is among those leading the efforts to suppress voting rights in Georgia.)

“January 6 was just a riot at the Capitol and if you think about what our Declaration of Independence says, it says to overthrow tyrants.” (She must have watched a rerun on Fox with the sound off.)

“I only believe in [a] peaceful demonstration. I do not support violence. We saw a tremendous amount of voter fraud.” (However, she did support the January 6 insurrection and believes the baseless “big lie.”)

There are thousands of additional ignorant statements from the future ex-Mrs. Greene. Like her hero, Donald Trump, every time she opens her “pie hole,” something moronic comes out of it.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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