Arrogance Is Ignorance, While Humility Is Intelligence: America Needs a True Leader

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Humans are flawed. No one is perfect. Hopefully, we all learn something every day and become better at it. Countries and people share this one fact: we must learn from our mistakes or we are destined to repeat them until we finally change our attitude.

What Makes a Great Leader?

  • Number one: passion. Great leaders are focused on goals and constantly search for ways to achieve those goals.
  • Second: absolute integrity. This is best summed up with always doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.
  • Third: communicating with the masses. If a leader has followers, he or she must inspire similar passion and dedication to doing the right thing because it is the only option.
  • Loyalty is fourth, and it must be from both sides. Leaders cannot expect loyalty if it is not reciprocal.
  • Fifth: a great leader must not waiver. Decisions must be made, even if they are not always the best choice. Changes can be made, but to do nothing is to fail.
  • Sixth: anyone who accepts leadership must inspire confidence. If the individuals who expect guidance and confidence fail to see it in that individual they intend to follow, failure is guaranteed.
  • Seventh on the list is critical. Great leaders share confidence in their supporters. Delegating and trusting others with important tasks without questioning their ability creates a cohesive organization: each man or woman knowing they are a valuable part of the collective.
  • Lastly, number eight: Charisma is never clearly defined. It includes complete confidence and sincere faith that in a crisis leaders will find solutions to solve problems in any situation. Faith without reservations.

Words Mean Nothing: Great Leaders Prove Their Worth by Example

Leaders quietly savor humility. They are aware that their abilities are a culmination of past successes and most importantly failures. Arrogance cannot be part of their confidence because this demonstrates weakness and uncertainty. We learn as we grow.

No one has knowledge about everything. This is a clear sign of intelligence, knowing that all humans need the aid of others with specific knowledge in specific areas. We learn from others, not from books. Sharing the accomplishments of others and with others is a true and perfect example of great intellect and understanding.

I Feel the Desperation of all Americans: Where is Our Leader?

Why am I writing this? Because more than any other time in my life I know that our nation needs great leaders. I do not see in America today any who are patriotic enough, loyal enough to our nation’s people, to always do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Only One Woman Had the Courage to Offer Up Her Career to Do the Right Thing

The only person I have observed over decades who possesses these qualities is one of the last people I might ever have considered. Her name is Liz Cheney.

Trump is a traitor to our nation, and not a single Republican with anything to lose has displayed the courage to speak the truth, with the exception of the daughter of a man I have despised for decades.

There are no true leaders in either party in 2022. Standing up and speaking truth to power is non-existent in any politician sitting in our nation’s Capitol today.

My wife and I have both agreed that if Ms. Cheney were to seek the presidency, she would receive our votes. America was founded and saved many times by men and women who loved their country’s people more than anything else. We need just one woman who fits this definition to lead us upwards from our current downward spiral.

The Disunited States of America

The United States of America is not united. If this one situation does not change, if we cannot find one leader to stand above the pretenders in Washington today, the dreams of our founding fathers will become nothing but memories.

The Day Hope Died

Throughout my life, I have experienced 13 presidents. Only one possessed all the qualities of leadership necessary to unite and lead a nation of 331 million people. Sadly, he was murdered after serving less than three years.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was far from perfect: he was human. However, he was a true leader with intelligence, courage, and devotion to his country not present in today’s government. Trump’s failed, illegitimate presidency exposed this fact for all the world to see. His party bowed to his demands and turned away from the fact he was violating the Constitution every day while dividing our nation’s people to an extreme not seen since the Civil War. Not a single man or woman on the right side of the aisle had the courage or love of country to stand up to the worst man in the world and fight for our people.

Where is our Nation’s Next Great Leader?

I continue to look for a leader and find none. For the last 60 years, I have been watching and listening to dozens of men and women who do not deserve to wear the title of President of the United States. I found one. President Barrack Obama is a great man but disappointed me on a few occasions which I considered vital to our nation’s future.

I am still looking, and sorry that Ms. Cheney’s party will never have the courage to nominate a real Republican in 2024.

By James Turnage, Author of “The Holiday Killer”


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