Donald the ‘Whiny Baby’ Is a Boring Loser

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All the Biggest Loser Does is Whine

If you are not sick and tired of Trump whining about his loss in the 2020 election, you must be worse: a member of his cult who continues to support the “big lie.” He also lost the 2022 election for today’s Republicans in name only.

However, he is blaming everyone but himself, including his trophy wife. Not once in his pitiful life has he accepted responsibility for his many and constant failures?

Trump’s Influence Over the Republican Party is in Decline

Trump constantly overestimates his popularity and control over most Republican voters. His many endorsements of totally unqualified candidates were chosen by him for a single reason, they support his big lie and his fascist agenda, costing today’s Republican Party in-name-only seats in congress. It is common for the party in power, i.e., the presidency, to lose seats in both houses. However, it appears that Democrats may gain a seat in the senate and lose only a few in the House. By all standards, this was a huge loss for the right wing.

The loss is clearly on Trump’s slumping shoulders, but he refuses to accept the truth. The truth has always been his biggest enemy.

How Could Anyone Continue to Listen to Loser Trump’s Crap?

I am certain that if they were truthful, most of his supporters would tell you that his constant complaining is wearing thin. No one likes anyone who continually blames his failures on others or creates baseless conspiracy theories.

A real President, Barrack Obama, literally told Trump to “stop whining” about the 2020 election.

“I have never seen in my lifetime, or in modern political history, any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place. It’s unprecedented,” the Democratic president said.

I Can’t Make This Up: Trump is Running in 2024

In what may be the saddest and most pitiful action by the worst president in history that just days after he lost elections for most of his endorsees, he returned to one of the few places in America he is welcome, Mar-a-Lago, and announced that he was seeking the presidency for the third time.

He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016, failed to hold the House and Senate in 2018, and was crushed by President Biden in 2020. Now he alone is responsible for the right wing losing the midterm elections.

Loser Trump’s Tax Returns Will Finally be Exposed

Yesterday it was announced that Trump lost another battle, one he has been fighting since 2015. The Supreme Court denied a request by Trump’s incompetent lawyers and will allow congress to examine his tax returns.

Trump has displayed fear about this situation constantly. My only thought is although he has yet to pay for his many crimes, including treason and other Constitutional violations, could he become another conviction by the FBI who aided in Al Capone’s incarceration for various crimes against the IRS? Capone died in prison, just another old, white man who eventually paid for his crimes.

Failures by Our Government to Do the Right Thing Makes Me Angry

I am not an angry man by nature. However, when Moscow Mitch McConnell gave the traitor a free pass after he was impeached twice, I was livid and lost any iota of faith I had in my government. I remain extremely angry that after the evidence proved that he stole secret documents and hid them inside Mar-a-Lago, and remains a free man is unconscionable. When he tried to overthrow our democratic election by planning, organizing, and executing a failed, violent coup on January 6, I nearly lost my mind. Once again, he remains a free man. No other individual in the nation would be outside of a federal prison cell today.

A Nation Without Laws

America has become a nation without laws. Our government, the most corrupt in the world, refuses to fairly punish the rich and powerful, and therefore, no laws apply to anyone. There is no justice for a select few, and if all of our nation’s people are not treated equally, there is no justice for anyone.

By James Turnage, Author of “The Reluctant Prostitute


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