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Freeing Iran Next on Biden’s to-Do List

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Situation in Iran

Lately, Iran has been facing a lot of issues. The government is severely strict on the women that live there. They are required to wear a hijab, that covers their hair at all times. Unfortunately, if women are caught without it, or it is not being worn properly, they face prosecution by the law. The death of a woman by the name of Mahsa Amini because of the fact that she was not wearing a hijab, sparked outrage all across Iran. Women, and men, were against the police and still are to this day, seven weeks later.

The way the government is treating its own people is unjust. “The president’s been pretty clear about this … we’re going to continue to look for ways to hold the regime accountable for the way that they’re treating their own people,” mentioned John Kirby from CNN. The fact that Iran is so strict, is causing their government to do things that are inhumane to others. It is also why many Iranian people seek refuge elsewhere, typically in the US.

Biden, and His Standing

Biden stands with the Iranian people. He understands that the Iranian regime is too strict, and should be changed. President Biden understands the protests that are currently occurring, especially in Iran. “Biden has condemned the violence against protesters in Iran and warned that the U.S. would impose further costs on perpetrators of the violence,” mentions The Hill. Biden stands with the protesters since they have a clear right to protest following what had happened to Mahsa Amini.

The U.S. is very fond of women’s rights, and freeing women from this kind of regime. “The United States on Wednesday said it will try to remove Iran from the 45-member U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) over the government’s denial of women’s rights and brutal crackdown on protests.” Iran has been belittling women’s rights for a long while, and Iranian people are taking a stand against this injustice while freeing women from this regime.

What About The Morality Police In Iran?

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Biden has made it clear that he is not in favor of what the morality police is doing in Iran. Instead, he is fully in favor of freeing Iranian women from this jurisdiction. The morality police are supposed to be there to spread good morals, not what they have been spreading lately. “The White House has also said that the U.S. is holding accountable Iranian officials and entities such as the morality police, the government’s enforcers of the Islamic code of conduct.” The morality police enforce this kind of regime, therefore they play a part in this entire commodity.

What is The Future Looking Like?

Biden is doing all he can in freeing Iran from this sovereignty. Biden and his administration believe firmly in women’s rights, and seeing the way they have been treated in Iran is terrible to witness. He also believes in taking action against injustices that occur, even in other countries, as demonstrated by liberating Iran. There is a hope that in the future Iranian women won’t be prosecuted for simply not wearing their hijab. There is also a hope that they will not be required to wear it at all, only as their choice.

Not only are protests occurring in Iran, but there are also protests that are occurring here in the US as well. Many Iranian women feel for their family members in Iran, mainly because they have to deal with such a strict and unjust government. There is a hope that in the near future, not only here will they be guaranteed the right of choosing what to wear, but also in Iran.

Written by David Loran Jr


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