Halloween Party Turns Deadly in Seoul

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The streets of Seoul have been filled with children dressed up as zombies, witches, and ghosts. But on Halloween night this year, something went wrong. In the early morning hours of October 31, hundreds of revelers were partying in the Itaewon district just south of the Han River. They were having fun but something was about to go very wrong. Footage showing the scene at 1:58 a.m. showed partygoers jumping up and down and dancing to music, unaware of the danger that was bearing down on them.”

Hundreds of revelers, many dressed in Halloween costumes, were partying in Seoul’s Itaewon district, just south of the Han River.

Halloween parties are popular in Seoul, where young people often dress up and go out for fun. Itaewon is a popular place for these parties because of its proximity to downtown Seoul. The district is just south of the Han River and has many bars, clubs, and restaurants that offer good food and drink specials on holidays like Halloween.

The night started as usual for hundreds of revelers at Itaewon’s City Hall Plaza an outdoor area. With tables set up near several open-air restaurants serving Korean barbecue dishes (BBQ Festival).

Around 2 a.m., they spilled out onto the streets and swarmed around an intersection.

The party was in full swing when Mr. and Mrs. Park arrived at around 10 p.m., according to one of their friends who attended the event as part of a group of five people.

“It was an exciting night and there were lots of people,” said Ms. Kim. She lives across from Mr. and Mrs. Park’s apartment building but did not go to their party. Kim was busy cleaning up after Halloween festivities at home with her children.

When she arrived at the venue with her husband, he told her that it looked like “a big party.” She added, “I’d heard about this before but never seen it myself.”

They were having fun — but something was about to go very wrong.

Teenagers were unaware of the danger that was about to happen. People had no idea they were in the midst of an act that would ultimately lead to their deaths. Because they didn’t know any better it wasn’t until after midnight that someone realized something was wrong.

Footage showing the scene

You can see the momentary bliss on the faces of those dancing at 1:58 a.m. Unaware of what was about to happen they were having fun. They were enjoying themselves and they had no idea that a crush was about to happen.

That’s why it was so shocking when people started falling over each other as if gravity had reversed itself. For just one minute — and then everything went silent except for screams from those who couldn’t move fast enough out.

At about 2:15 a.m., people began to pile up at the entrance to the alleyway where Inde House is located. According to police data from CCTV cameras in the area, CCTV footage from inside Inde House, and video shot by a witness. Inde House is a bar near the alleyway exit.

The footage shows dozens of people standing in front of two police officers who are trying to keep them. By using their batons as weapons. There were reportedly more than 60 people there when this happened; however. No exact numbers were released by police or witnesses because many were injured too badly or died before they could be counted officially.

The force of the crowd pushing into the alleyway caused people to be crushed against walls, caught up in railings, and trampled underfoot security camera footage.

The crush happened quickly — in less than 90 seconds.

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The death toll was high and the number of injured people is expected to rise. While many factors were involved in causing this tragedy, one was overcrowding. The area around Dongho Station was packed with people on Halloween night. Making it difficult for emergency responders to get through and help those who needed medical attention first.

Some victims were dragged along by others falling on top of them or pushed over railings onto others below. While others were caught in railings or pressed up against walls unable to move.

The death toll rose as people tried desperately to escape from the maw of death surrounding them. “We all thought we would just die here,” one survivor said later.

All in one place

Even though authorities claimed that safety measures had been put in place for this year’s Halloween celebrations, people still ended up dying when there were too many partygoers gathered in one place.

Halloween parties are fun for everyone. People dress up and have a good time, but even though authorities claimed that safety measures had been put in place for this year’s Halloween celebrations, people still ended up dying when there were too many partygoers gathered in one place.

The Korean evening started with a bang as the crowd swelled from around 200 to 400 partygoers by midnight. The number of guests grew further after the TV crew filming at one event left and more people came to join them.

Some victims also got trapped underneath others who fell onto them while trying unsuccessfully to climb out of windows or escape through emergency exits. Others lost their footing trying desperately not to fall over themselves while walking across multiple stories at once.

We hope this article has given you insight into how your party could become deadly if it’s not planned properly. If nothing else, it’s important to understand the risks of alcohol consumption and the role that spirit companies play in providing safe options for consumers during this time of year. The best way to avoid any potential issues is by getting a cocktail server-distributor license and then making sure all of your staff knows what they’re doing when handling spirits at events like Halloween parties.

Written By Daniel Batalla


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