How Ronald Reagan Created Republicans in Name Only

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Prior to 1981, the talk around the Bar-B-Que in my family was, “both parties are the same, so who cares.” Of course, this was not entirely true, they shared certain similarities which allowed our government to function, although it was not always efficient. Men and women from both parties thought for themselves, and it was not unusual for a Democrat to vote for a bill sponsored by a Republican, and vice versa. However, in 1981, that all changed. Not a single Republican dared to vote against the demands of Ronald Reagan. I think of him as “the Godfather of Republicans in Name Only.”

Reagan Began the Decline of the Once Grand Old Party

Any political writer who is honest will tell you that beginning with Reagan, every Republican in name only who resided in the White House was worse than the last.

Reagan began two wars: one waged against the working class, and the other on women. His fiscal policy of giving money to the rich and expecting them to care about our country’s future was a fantasy. It is known as “trickle-down economics,” and failed miserably. His three successors used the same policy and the result was a near depression. He left office in 1989 with our country in debt, and unemployment on the rise.

Bush Continued Reagan’s Failed Policies

George H.W. Bush was a great American but an incompetent president. He was similar to Reagan’s predecessor, Jimmy Carter. His economic failure, which was a continuation of Reagan’s policy, prevented him from winning a second term. However, his party supported him without dissent although the continuation of Reagan’s policies united Republicans into a robotic hoard.t

For 16 Years George W. Bush Was Known as America’s Worst President

In 2000, George W. Bush received a gift from a biased Supreme Court. He was awarded the presidency, not by the people, but by a corrupt government. His thank you to America was to place our nation in two unwinnable wars which resulted in enormous loss of life and trillions of dollars in debt. The invasion of Iraq was illegal. His administration lied to the American people, congress, and the United Nations. When he left office, our nation was facing trillions of dollars in debt and nearing another great depression. He was known as the worst president in American history. He had inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton and his incompetence proved once again that Republicans are incapable of governing our nation.

The Worst Thing to Happen to America Occurred in 2016

Then came America’s biggest mistake in its 246-year history: Donald John Trump. He was the least qualified and most disreputable man in history to seek the Presidency of the United States of America.

He did not unite Republicans, he completed the goal of Reagan nearly 30 years later: he ended the GOP once and for all. There is no resemblance to the party of Lincoln or even the party supported by your grandfather. This proved once and for all that “Republicans” will say and do anything to get elected. It is impossible to know what they actually stand for.

Most Americans Rely on Television to Tell Them How to Vote

Americans are the least informed citizens in the world: prove me wrong. They made many mistakes in my lifetime, too many to list in this short article. However, the election of Donald Trump was the most destructive of all time. America may never recover from Trump’s divisive and illegitimate presidency.

First, he is not loyal to the United States of America. His loyalty is to anyone who promises to help him achieve his less-than-lofty goals. Since 1987, he has been loyal to Vladimir Putin. Trump surrendered his citizenship more than three decades ago. He admires fascist dictators, detests democracy, and believes that he should have the ability to make all decisions without the input of another human being. If I were to put it bluntly, Trump is f**king insane. He is a malignant narcissist who cannot make intelligent decisions.

Reagan Began the Demise of the Republican Party: Trump Completed the Plan

This all began with Reagan, and Trump’s treasonous actions are the result of what began in 1981. The right-wing no longer supports the lofty goals of their predecessors. Dwight Eisenhower and even Richard Nixon accomplished many goals which positively affected all of America’s people. George W. Bush and Donald Trump accomplished nothing which was not harmful over their combined 12 years.

Today’s Republicans in Name Only are united, but not in a good way. There is no room for free thought if they seek the support of other fake Republicans. A perfect example is Liz Cheney. Her willingness to find the truth about Trump’s treasonous actions related to the insurrection on January 6, 2021, resulted in the abandonment of all Republican politicians and most Republican voters. If you claim to be a Republican, you are forbidden to offer or accept the truth. The right-wing exists on lies and conspiracy theories. Like the Mafia, loyalty without question is demanded, and not complying is political suicide.

I have no doubt that the end of the once Grand Old Party saddens my fellow Independent voters. Our choices have become limited. It is impossible for me to vote for any man or woman who supports Trump. He has proven that he hates America and supports fascism.

By James Turnage, Author of “Four More Years”



The Presidency Project: The Achievements and Failures of the Reagan Presidency

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