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Humanity Has Reached 8 Billion People

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The human population on Earth surpassed 8 billion on November 15, 2022. With that in mind, it would be good to talk about issues that impact humanity as a whole. Many issues impact humanity negatively. There is global warming, imperialism, and so much more. However, with humanity hitting 8 billion it may be time to buckle down and get more serious about fighting these issues. Humanity is a species of will and perseverance. So humanity must change its ways for the next generation.


Imperialism is the economic exploitation of one nation by another. Because of a multitude of factors, the world is split in half. Those who exploit, and those who are exploited. Nations like America and many European nations engage in imperialism. The state of the world is the way it is, in part by imperialism. Imperialism destroys lives, and families and can destroy entire nations. It may destroy cultures and languages. Imperialism destroys any chance of self-sufficiency and creates a nation of people dependent on the exploiter nation.

Nations, like many of the nations in Africa, must protect themselves from imperialism. What is interesting about this is that many of the items that Americans use are made with parts that consist of resources that were acquired through imperialist aggression. These pieces of technology occasionally come at cheap prices. Those cheap prices are only possible when the cost of production is lower. The cost of production is lower, because slaves made them, or because the exploiter nation has a deal that is heavily disadvantageous to the exploited nation. This is otherwise known as imperialist aggression.

Imperialism does not aid in the advancement of humanity, it actively hinders it. It works with the logic of competition. That competition is the race for resources. The thing about that is that under a different system no one would have to compete for resources. It could be shared and used as needed. Better yet, nations with resources could nationalize those resources to protect themselves from imperialist aggression. Imperialist aggression starts wars, sparks genocides, and destabilizes nations all for the goal of greater profit. For the betterment of humanity, imperialism must be stopped.

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Global Warming

There is a lot of misinformation on this topic, however, that is not what will be discussed during this section. Global warming is the ultimate threat to humanity. Humanity is not a space-faring species yet, so humanity collectively owns one planet. Earth is getting hotter and hotter.

That is an objective fact. No matter why people think that is, natural or unnatural humanity will perish if this continues. Global warming is an existential threat to humanity. There will be no further generations if there is no world to inhabit. Extraterrestrial colonization is maybe a century away. However, humanity doesn’t have another century in their collective back pockets to pull out.

The main reason this is still a problem is that it would be incredibly unprofitable to fix this problem. The industries that create global warming like the oil and gas industries are directly responsible for the vast majority of the carbon emissions.

For this reason, those companies shouldn’t exist or should be heavily reduced in some way. However, they aren’t at the current moment. Both the oil and gas industries pay politicians to lie about global warming and spread misinformation. It is in the best interests of these politicians to continue to lie and spread misinformation because it gets them very well paid. On the other hand, when reforms come around now and again, those same politicians vote against it because it is profitable.

The Fate Of Humanity

Ultimately, it is humans who decide the fate of humanity. If humanity wants to live, it shall destroy the power systems it has created and replace them with structures that encourage cooperation, working together to solve problems. Unless humanity can overcome itself, all is lost. Hope is not dead however, the youngest generations of humanity have always been the most progressive.

Many see the failures in the system and are working to change it. Reforms won’t be enough, they can be turned back. What is needed is a clean sweep of the current socio-economic landscape and a rebuilding of a new one. When there is a rotten piece of bread on a plate, the next move isn’t to just chop that piece off because that whole bread isn’t safe anymore. The next move is to get new bread and eat that instead. Humanity has had a rotting piece of bread on its plate for several centuries now, it’s time for a new one.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


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