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Russian Missile Strikes Cross NATO Borders in Poland

Courtesy of Konrad Lembke (Flickr CC0)

Days after the Russian military withdrew its troops from the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, it unleashed a new hell of missile barrages, targeting Ukraine’s electric grid and causing massive blackouts across the embattled nation. According to US officials, a strike crossed over the Polish-Ukrainian border and killed two people within the NATO member nation.

Piotr Mueller, a Polish government spokesperson, did not yet confirm the deaths, but said that top leaders were convening over a “crisis situation.” According to Polish media, the missile struck near border village of Przewodów. The strikes have also caused power outages in neighboring Moldova, a non-NATO member nation.

Russia’s Targeted Strike

The recent strikes are seen as an act of frustration by Russia after several military defeats, including their recent retreat from Kherson, a port city on the Black Sea, that has been occupied by Russia since March. Russia reportedly withdrew 30,000 troops from the city and retreated east of the Dnipro river. Ukrainian troops moved into Kherson on Friday.

According to Ukrainian officials, the Russian military fired 85 missiles in total on Tuesday, with the intention of crippling Ukraine’s energy grid. The strikes have caused blackouts in most of Ukraine’s major cities, in what is the largest attack on Ukrainian energy infrastructure following the Russian invasion that started in February. Forty percent of the country’s energy grid had already been destroyed or impaired since the war began.

President Zelenskyy makes a surprise appearance in the newly liberated city of Kherson. Courtesy of President of Ukraine (Flickr PDM)

International Response

“We’re working, will restore everything. We will survive everything,” said Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy in response to the blackouts.  Ukrainian Air Force officials say they shot down 70 of the X-101 and X-555 cruise missiles Russia launched in the attack. The strikes are confirmed to have killed at least one person in the capital city of Kyiv.

Ukrainian deaths, unfortunately, are nothing new to this conflict, but the international community is now on alert after these two deaths in Poland. No one is quite sure how NATO will react to the seemingly inadvertent killings in one of its closest member nations to the Ukrainian conflict, or if Poland will act on its own.

Written by Seth Herlinger


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Top and featured image courtesy of Konrad Lembke‘s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

Inset image courtesy of President of Ukraine‘s Flickr page – Public Domain



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