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Social Media? Not for Me

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Long before Russia rigged the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump, I boycotted all social media. I admit that like most Americans when social media became a reality, I believed it would be an exciting tool for communication between families and friends who live far apart. Unfortunately, it became a medium for haters and misinformation. I find all of them a waste of time, and because I hate liars more than anything else, I refuse to read anything not verified by fact and that includes everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other effort to spread gossip.

The Reasons Why I Write

I began writing in 2008 after I was laid off from an electrical warehouse. The construction industry had come to a halt here in Northern Nevada. I wrote my first novel, and am now working on my tenth. In 2012 I answered an ad offering writing jobs for a Las Vegas newspaper. The editor and publisher of that paper are now in Chicago, and I am again writing for him in the Chicago Leader and the Guardian Liberty Voice. I have been interested in politics since I was ten years old, and most of my rants are written with the intention of protecting our democracy. I understand that I receive lots of comments, both pro and con. However, I never read them. I write facts because my promise has always been “the truth lives here.” Social media allows contributors to say anything regardless of whether it is the truth or a lie. That is not acceptable. That’s like watching Fox News for six hours a day.

I am not Alone in my Dislike and Lack of Respect for Social Media

GQ described Twitter clearly and succinctly.

There is that other thing, which feels unique to Twitter, where each user comes from a place of being right. Shouting down at everyone else. Which is something you touch on: the lack of space for approaching a topic with a sense of your own ignorance.

Why did Elon Musk Purchase Twitter?

There is increasing speculation now that Elon Musk purchased this social media outlet that it will fail completely. I agree. He is an engineer and knows nothing about writing, publishing, or the psychology of becoming an influencer.

As one person said: “Stay in your own lane.” I believe he is destined for failure. That is no loss to the world.

Mark Zuckerberg reported a loss in the value of Facebook/Meta stock recently. His company’s value has lost $700 billion.

Expressing Your Opinions is a Right I Strongly Support, but Don’t Expect Others to Agree

I am not being arrogant, but I honestly don’t care about what you ate for lunch, now do I care about your opinion about anything? We are all gifted with free thought at birth, and I believe that is the most important attribute every human being possesses. However, I am disappointed that few Americans use this ability.

The ”boob tube” became popular when I was a small boy. Critics claimed that it would influence the mental health of its viewers. I believe that has become a reality. However, social media is far worse. Less than one percent of everything you see and read on the internet is based on fact. I would say “look it up,” but if you are a fan of social media, you won’t take the time.

By James Turnage, Author of “Down from the Mountain”


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Susanne Nilsson‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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