Trump: The States, Not Our Corrupt Federal Government, Will Be the First to ‘Lock Him Up’

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Before you read this or the article which inspired me, I must warn you of a possible mishap. If you are an informed American, you will pee your pants while laughing uncontrollably. Just minutes after reading you will be smiling and likely laughing again, knowing that although our corrupt and cowardly government refused to charge Trump with his crimes, the states will, and he will soon be wearing an orange jumpsuit behind steel bars. The lies and whiny complaints he typed on his social media are so facetious, you can’t help but laugh at this obese, senile, old man.

Okay, let’s have some fun.

Trump the Fifth Avenue New York Mafia Moves Into the White House

Before I begin, let’s skip to the bottom line: Trump’s biography will be a tale of one man’s life of crime and debauchery. He has never worked a full day in his life, not even when he pretended to be your president. Therefore, he has never accomplished anything in life without the assistance of others or breaking the law. His relationships with women were based on one of two things: paying them for sex, (this includes his trophy wives), or forcing himself upon them. He is a lifelong sexual predator. Important to this article is the fact that Trump is a diagnosed malignant narcissist, and nothing happens in his life or in anything related to his life without his knowledge and approval.

The Trump Organization – which operates real estate, hotels, and golf courses – is facing accusations of hiding executive perks from tax authorities for more than 15 years and falsely reporting bonuses as non-employee compensation.

A Long and Inclusive Paper Trail Trump Cannot Hide in Mar-a-Lago

The accounting firm which has represented The Trump Organization for decades has been forced to turn over its financial records to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Included in the documents are the financial records of Donald Trump’s personal holdings.

Trump is guilty of tax fraud. It is common knowledge that he intentionally and willfully under-valued his properties preventing him from paying higher tax rates, and over-valued these same properties when seeking loans from large financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank.

The Guilty Protest Too Much

It is no surprise that Trump is livid. As usual, he refused to speak directly to reporters. Instead, he took his message to his internet conspiracy network, “Truth Social.”

“The Manhattan DA Case should never have been brought,” the 45th president posted on Truth Social on Thursday, adding that it was a “total witch hunt”.

Mr. Trump rued: “The DA’s ‘Star’ witness, who has been harassed and brutalised, and is scared beyond belief, has nevertheless totally confirmed our story and defence.” (Sorry for the misspelled words. Trump continues to prove that he cannot read or write.)

It has been said, “the truth will set you free.” In this situation “the truth will set our country free from the tyranny of Donald John Trump and his cronies.”

Taking Advantage of his Illegitimate Presidency

The truth is Trump allegedly committed at least 56 crimes since he announced his intention to win the Republican Party’s nomination in June of 2015. Sadly, our corrupt government has refused to prosecute one of their own. Critics of the Washington Mafia reported this allegation.

“Choosing not to pursue accountability for fear of political criticism or consequences is itself a deeply political act.”

Once Again the Law Does Not Apply to the Rich and Powerful

The ultimate proof of corruption occurred inside the Capitol Building not once, but twice.

The House impeached Trump twice for serious and indefensible violations of the Constitution. However, the true leader of his party, Moscow Mitch McConnell, refused to hold a fair trial on both occasions. He guaranteed an acquittal before the trials began.

Moscow Mitch placed our nation’s most prolific criminal above the Law of the Land. Because of his failure to do the right thing, Trump continues to tell lies and create conspiracy theories that divide our nation’s people and threaten the end of democracy in America.

Republicans cannot be trusted.

By James Turnage, Author of “Sheena, Queen of the Streets”


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