Wars on the Working Class and Women: Will Republicans Next War Be Waged Against Younger Americans?

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A Young Nation Needs Younger Leaders

The average age of our nation’s 331 million people is 38.2 years of age. In 2020, voters saved our nation from the reign of a fascist tyrant who attempted to destroy our freedoms. Of great importance, and not discussed by older, white political pundits, is the fact that younger voters turned out in large numbers, most of them voting for Democratic candidates.

The Decline of the American Economy Began During the Ronald Reagan Administration

Since 1981, right-wing politicians began wars against two distinct demographics: working class men and women, most importantly those of color, and women’s rights. Reagan and his successors continue their attempts to destroy unions, and worker’s rights in general. On one of the darkest days in our nation’s history, June 24, 2022, six highly politicized justices on the Supreme Court reversed a decision by a qualified and respected Court 49 years in the past. All Republicans in name only refuse to vote for laws protecting women’s rights, and voted against the “Violence Against Women Act.” It appears that their next targets will be younger Americans.

The Popular Vote Favors Democrats

The popular vote proves that most Americans prefer the policies of the Democratic Party. However, the Electoral College voids millions of votes every four years, and allows the worst presidents in history to win elections: George W. Bush, and Donald John Trump. The latter stands alone as the worst man ever to claim the title of President of the United States.

How Millennials and Other Young Americans Vote Today

In 2022, about 27 percent of eligible voters millennial age or younger, cast their ballots. It was a good turnout for a midterm, but not as excellent as 2018, when about 36 percent of younger men and women went to the polls.

The reasons Republicans lost this demographic can be found by looking at Trump’s failures. In his first 100 days, he repealed many Obama era regulations, and created his own which greatly harmed our nation’s economy. Among these failures were removing FHA rules established by a real president concerning mortgage insurance regulations, increasing the average house payment by $500.00. President Obama had established definitive overtime rules for workers, which were voided by the “rich man’s president.” He also repealed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, which ensured that federal contractors complied with worker protection laws before receiving government contracts. In those first 100 days, Trump passed or repealed more than 100 acts which were either beneficial to the working class, or in Trump’s incapable administration harmed America’s majority.

Republicans Refuse to Serve You, Why Should You Vote for Them?

In the 21st century, the right-wing has completely abandoned the vast majority of our nation’s people, and created a plutocracy. Their devotion is to money, donated to them by billionaires and millionaires.

It is impossible for me to believe that Republicans win a single election. They are they enemies of every working man and woman in America. They have been waging wars against women, the working class, and minorities since 1981, and soon against younger Americans who support every issue rejected by the right-wing. These issues include fair taxation, universal healthcare, free education, stricter gun laws, and women’s rights.

With my generation, original baby boomers, losing their earthly bonds, the republican base is disappearing rapidly.



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Top and featured image courtesy of Lorie Shaull‘s Flickr page – Creative Commons License


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