America Is Moving in the Wrong Direction

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Our Country Is Becoming More Regressive

Humanity is intended to progress. It is normal for each generation to surpass the last in every area, medical research, technical advancement, both creative and cognitive thought, all while retaining common sense and the acceptance of new ideas. Sadly, over my 76 years, common sense and the open exchange of ideas and information have declined.

The Decline of Intelligence Is Widespread

For once I am not focusing on Donald Trump alone. Although it is true that his illegitimate presidency exacerbated these problems, he is just one of many men and women, who when given an opportunity to influence others by the media, continue to exhibit ignorance and even moronic and archaic thoughts and beliefs.

Racism Remains Our Nation’s Biggest Fault

First, I repeat myself about the most critical issue which has soiled the world we live in since 1619, open and blatant racism.

Racism and bigotry are, of course, ignorance in its purest form, but the dark emotions of anger and hatred resulting from them are divisive and all too often procreate violence.

Most people assume that ignorance and a low level of intelligence are similes. This is far from the truth. The reason is that over the last several decades, ignorance has become a choice. And because of this new reality, millions of Americans have become brainwashed, each a clone of the other.

Choosing ignorance is a phenomenon which has existed for centuries. This is the result of man’s base desires. Greed, avarice, fame, and the desire for power over others are among the most destructive ambitions possessed by mankind. Sadly, for many Americans living in the ‘land of opportunity,’ the desire to obtain these perceived needs removes intelligent thought and the ability accept those of others not aligned with their own.

There are many examples of these types of individuals around the world. However, the number of ignorant people in America has grown beyond my imagination over the last three-quarters of a century.

There Are Many Reasons for Our Nation’s Decline in Intellect

Choosing ignorance and the search for these base desires is not limited to politicians. We see it existing among the rich and powerful, the famous and infamous, and within some of those closest to us.

It would require days for me to list and discuss the many reasons for the condition in which our nation finds itself today, among them are social media, and an increasing number of lies on the internet in general. However, I believe that at the core of the situation is one fact: we have lost our ability to think for ourselves and discuss ideas intelligently without anger and disrespecting those of others. Much of this issue can be blamed on broadcast and cable television.

“I Learn Everything I Need to Know from Television,” Donald Trump

The worst of the worst is Fox News. It was created in 1995 by billionaire Rupert Murdoch and right-wing strategist, Roger Ailes. Its purpose was twofold.

First is advertising revenue. The rule for writers and on-air personalities was report stories which raise the viewer’s emotional level, whether they are truthful or not. The larger the audience, the greater the revenue from advertisers.

Second purpose is to promote the extremist right-wing philosophy, regardless of the facts, and discredit Democrats and independents with falsehoods and baseless conspiracy theories. This would divide our nation’s people and present greater opportunities for “Republicans” to win elections.

“A House Divided Cannot Stand,” Abraham Lincoln

It succeeded beyond Murdoch’s wildest dreams in both areas. In fact, it has become so successful that our nation has become engaged in a second Civil War between “red” and “blue” states.

The combination of misinformation, television, and choosing to be ignorant places our nation in real danger for its existence. Our elections are no longer a contest between the two best candidates. Democrats frequently offer experienced and qualified men and women, but just as frequently offer candidates who are the most “popular” for various reasons. Meanwhile, Republicans have no concern about qualifications, their offerings appeal to the lack of mores and principles of their supporters. When right-wing voters go to the polls, the only issue of importance is whether or not they have an “R” next to their name.

Every Voter Should Be Informed and Independent

The truth is that only non-partisan, Independent voters, care about electing the best candidates, the men or women whose positions on the issues are most closely aligned with their own. They are the majority of informed and intelligent voters.

We can do better, and we must if the dreams of our Founding Fathers are to survive the many attacks from right-wing extremists which exist today. Learn about the candidates begging for your vote. The value of over man and woman who goes to the polls or mails their votes in cannot be ignored or under-valued.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)


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