Hey Trump Supporters: You Just Proved That You Are Dumber Than a Pile of Rocks

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The 76-Year-Old Con Man Has Not Retired

For years, Donald Trump used campaign contributions for his personal use. He continues this policy as his cult offers their support for a third campaign for the presidency. However, Trump wanted more of their money, so he created a new con. He decided to sell what he calls “digital trading cards” for $99 each. They are not real “cards,” they are digital images of Trump as a superhero. He refers to them as “NFTs,” although past statements by the worst president in history denounced the crypto trend which has proven to be the worst “investment” in history.

Now for the best laugh you’ve had in weeks. The site selling his digital con claims that they sold out on the first day, proving that Trump supporters are dumber than a bag of rocks.

Trump Admitted That His “Cards” Had No Value

I saw his ad on one of the late-night talk shows, and Trump admitted that there was no guarantee that they would increase in value. In addition, no choice is offered as to which “card” the buyer will receive.

This is what America has become: the most gullible, easily conned people on the planet. The term “American” and “moron” have become synonyms.

American Ignorance Has Reached a New Level

I have been around for seven and one-half decades. I have seen and heard some strange things. I have watched politicians make fools of themselves for 66 of those years, but I have never witnessed a more ignorant group of voters that “Trumpsters.”

When George W. Bush first ran for the presidency in 2000, I was employed by the casinos in Northern Nevada. One of the larger groups we had in town one weekend was from Texas. I overheard their conversations and couldn’t stop myself from laughing. One comment was, “I like that George Bush. He’s a guy I’d like to have a beer with.”

They had no concern about his lack of experience, knowledge, or low level of intelligence. But when Trump came along, I laughed even harder as his supporters ignored reality. They simply dismissed the fact that he failed at everything he attempted in his life, with the exception of using other people’s money. They accepted the truth about his sexual deviance and lack of respect for all women. They pretended not to hear the evidence which proved his support for white supremacy. And they refused to admit that he is a malignant narcissist whose intelligence quotient is far below average.

Once a Con Man, Always a Con Man

Trump’s entry into the NFT con is no surprise. He is an opportunist. During his four years of failing to perform the job for which he was illegitimately elected in 2016, he used his position to increase his personal wealth by violating the Emoluments Clause and creating new business arrangements with foreign nations. This is only one of the many crimes ignored by your government and the Department of Justice.

The Most Corrupt Government in the World

All of this brings me to one fact that no one can deny. America has the most corrupt government in the world. Laws do not apply to anyone who holds public office: they protect their own because they might be the next congressman to be exposed for crimes against our country.

I believe that two things must be earned in life: respect and trust. With my age has come the knowledge that no one in Washington is worthy of my respect or my trust. They refused to serve our nation’s people. Our needs and wishes mean nothing to them. They sought political office to advance their personal ambitions. They ignore the polls and serve special interests.

You’re most certainly tired of me repeating attacks on our government. I’m not sorry, they are all based on fact. In 2009, Moscow Mitch recreated his party. It became the “Party of No,” and nothing has been accomplished on the right side of the aisle since that day. Dysfunctional is not a word harsh enough to describe the failures of our leaders in Washington. Knowing that thousands of our nation’s people are dumb enough to fall for another Trump scheme to increase his personal wealth causes me to lose faith and hope in the future of our nation.

By The Wise Old Fart (James Turnage)

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