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The New School
The News School
Courtesy of Rosie Nieto

Today, I’ll be walking you through my experience at The News School (TNS). My time at The News School has left such a great impression on my life.  I’m currently in the journalist group but there are other options like social media and broadcasting. It’s the social media group that helps advertise the program and our articles. The broadcasting group uses video production which has helped a lot to record events and take pictures of the activities we have done.

How Has The News School Helped me?

TNS has taught me how to greater my personality, how to talk to people, and how to make friends. They also taught me to find my voice and share my thoughts with my peers. Another thing that will forever stay with me is the articles that I have read. The articles that people don’t take enough interest in, but hold such a big meaning to the community.

The News School helped me learn new stuff like how to increase my writing and how to make an article using information about other articles.  They showed me how to edit and phase other photos, and how to phrase the title of my source into my article. The News School also gave me a great experience in getting to know my community.

About the group?

I’m presently a member of the journalist group at The News School. However, I’m also have been involved in the newly formed dancing group. Our company is fortunate to have some excellent journalists who offer wonderful counsel and even assistance when necessary. They help me improve my pieces.

Being one of the youngest in the summer group has allowed me to learn a lot from them, and they have helped me feel at home. I’m a really shy person, so I’m always quiet, but they have talked to me as if I were a member of their own family, which has made me feel so at home.

Some get articles that are related to the community while some get to go out and talk to the people of the community. We usually help out by creating questions that will be used to interview the community people. St. Agatha, the church that is helping The News School program, usually hosts events either for voting, to give out food, or necessary things that people aren’t able to get. Some people that come in to get food or free essentials are usually happy to be interviewed.

The Youth Empire forum event

I, along with my morning and afternoon coworkers, hosted an event with the help of our job. This event was for our local political candidates to speak on solutions for the troubles the community is dealing with. Additionally, people in the community were able to ask questions about what actions are they taking. But, in general, it was to get to know a little more about the candidates.

In an effort to attract children and adults to The News School, we offered food and drinks for kids and adults to eat during this event. We had a cameraman on the side who interacted with the crowd while doing interviews. We solicited suggestions from the audience members about what they thought the candidates should modify or do.

Finally, I had such a great time getting to meet new people and getting to see how other cultures did stuff. I also got to invite my family to undergo a different type of church experience.

This will continue to be my first-time favorite job because, apart from doing a new thing and writing, I got to have fun with my co-workers. I am honestly thankful for that.

Written By: Rosie Nieto

Image Courtesy of Rosie Nieto

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