Only One Way to Describe Today’s Fake Republican Party: “It’s an Absolute Mess”

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I must be honest with all of you, I am enjoying the turmoil which exists within today’s fake Republicans. The once respected “Party of Lincoln” is non-existent, in fact, it is so dysfunctional it is a f**king mess.

Lying and Supporting Trump is Costing the Right-Wing Dearly

The absolute truth is simple. Supporting Trump for the last seven+ years has cost the few remaining real Republicans a great deal, including the existence of the once Grand Old Party. Every past Republican who believed in their party’s principles and goals is ashamed of this group of hypocrites and cowards using their party’s name today.

Losing Elections Has Taken Precedence Over Loyalty to Trump

It’s not a complicated situation, but it has become angrier and more contentious since the right-wing lost the 2022 midterm elections. Trump and his party are exchanging attacks. The Minority Leader of the Senate is feuding with the “would-be” Speaker of the House. Currently there is no clear leader of this disjointed and dysfunctional group of old, white, men and women.

Facing Another Government Shutdown: Why?

I know it’s no longer news, but the government is once again facing a shutdown. It is so dysfunctional it is incapable of performing its basic function. Moscow Mitch McConnell is working with Democrats to pass a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill to keep it open and functioning as well as it can with congress in flux. Kevin McCarthy is opposing the temporary “gap stop” measure. I’m not sure if he’s making an attempt to take power over his flailing party, pleasing his Fuhrer, or making a play to capture the votes of the radical “Freedom Caucus” in his attempt to get his grimy hands on the gavel of the Speaker of the House.

The Party of Plutocrats is Disjointed and Desperate

The important fact is that no one on the right-side of the aisle gives a damn about our nation, or lower paid employees in our government These are the men and women who will suffer: congress will continue to receive its bloated paychecks.

Let’s look at reality, the truth which Republicans would prefer to keep hidden from the American people.

A Party Without Legitimate Leadership

Until November 9, 2022, Trump was the leader of those who call themselves “Republicans” today. Moscow Mitch retained his leadership role as Senate Minority Leader, although he has proven that he is not a leader over the last seven+ years, kissing Trump’s humongous derriere when it pleased him to do so, and gently chastising America’s “enemy number one” when it was to his advantage.

McCarthy followed Trump down to the hiding place for National Secrets, Mar-a-Lago frequently. Then, on January 6, 2021, he told Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, that he was finished with Trump. However, today he remains an election denier. There should be a stronger word than “hypocrite.” Wait, there is, “traitor.”

Voters Must Take Control of Our Government: They Cannot be Allowed to Rule Over Us

Without term limits old, white men have continued to fail our nation’s people and harm the future of our country. This is why the United States has the worst government in the world. Corruption can be found in every foot of the Capitol Building.

For now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the “s**t show” which is today’s Republican Party in Name Only. It’s fun when the American Fascist Party forgets how or chooses not to play nice.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)

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Top and featured image courtesy of Mobilus In Mobili‘s Flickr page – Creative Commons license

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