The Cowardly Actions of a Bully Malignant Narcissist

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What and Who is Donald Trump?

So we are on the “same page,” let’s begin with a couple of definitions.

Bully: One who seeks to harm, intimidate, or coerce others: (someone perceived as vulnerable)

Malignant Narcissist: In the popular conception, malignant narcissism is a form of narcissistic personality disorder that is highly abusive. People with this personality supposedly get a sense of satisfaction from hurting others and may manipulate people or lie to gain money, acclaim, and other things they desire.

I might add that a “bully” and an individual inflicted with “malignant narcissism” share a need to control everything in their lives. If they have the power, nothing happens within their universe without their knowledge and approval.

Now we have a full definition of the man whose name is infamous: Donald John Trump.

Cowardice is Demonstrated in Many Ways

All bullies are cowards. They use others to create havoc and perform acts of violence they are incapable and unwilling to perform on their own. This also defines Donald Trump.

Malignant narcissists have a desperate need to receive praise and even adulation, whether it is deserved or not. This, too, is Donald Trump.

Trump is an old, obese man who is afraid of everything, most significantly of being irrelevant. He is deathly afraid of losing because this all he has “accomplished” in 76 years.

A Long History of Criminal Behavior

Trump’s crimes have been endless. He hid behind an army of lawyers and bribed government officials throughout a lifetime composed of business and personal failures. Involved in dozens of lawsuits, not once has he shown the courage to directly face his accusers. Someone is always present to do the difficult things for him.

Draft Dodger

Trump and I shared the same draft status as the war in South Vietnam began to escalate. I enlisted in the USAF, and Trump’s daddy paid a doctor to write reasons why he should receive deferments, preventing him from serving in the military. One of many actions proving Trump is a coward.

Cowards Abuse Defenseless Women

During their divorce proceedings, Ivana Trump, his first wife, signed an affidavit charging him with rape, and assault and battery. The incident allegedly happened after he received an unsatisfactory procedure performed by a plastic surgeon recommended by his estranged wife. He was twice her size and totally defenseless. After meetings with Trump’s lawyers, she removed the affidavit from the divorce papers. Trump is a coward.

If His Lips are Moving, He’s Lying

The Washington Post recorded more than 50,000 lies offered from Trump beginning in June of 2015, and continuing through his third year in office. No individual in history more clearly represents the definition of a malignant narcissist.

The “Big Lie”

Trump was incapable of accepting another major loss in November of 2020. He was soundly defeated by President Biden in both the popular and Electoral College vote. However, his ego would not accept the facts. He decided to plan a coup for January 6, 2021, the day congress was charged with certifying the Electoral College vote. Trump not only planned the event, he organized the insurrection with the aid of leaders of white supremacist/Neo-Nazi groups, and executed the failed coup on January 6th. He was not with the mob, because he is a coward.

Afraid to Appear in Front of the January 6 Select Committee

The Select Committee charged with the investigation of the January 6 insurrection ordered him to appear before the committee and testify about the events of one of the darkest days in American history. In another act of pure cowardice, he refused to appear.

Afraid of Questions Asked by the Legitimate Press

Just days ago, he announced his intention to run again in 2024. Since that day he has hidden from the media: friendly and unfriendly alike. As he did throughout his illegitimate presidency, he is hiding behind social media, obviously fearful of answering questions from reporters.

Trump Supporters Should be Ashamed

If hell froze over, and I decided to support Trump and his “big lie,” I would be ashamed of myself. He is totally underserving of any form of loyalty. He is a shallow man without a single redeeming quality who will say or do anything to protect what is important to him: wealth and a desperate need to be important. He does not possess either of the latter. Both his “riches” and “relevance” are non-existent.

By James Turnage, Author of “A Little Murder in the Biggest Little City”


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Top and featured image courtesy of Seth Anderson‘s Flickr Page – Public Domain

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