Today Georgia Will Answer the Question: Which State Has the Dumbest People in America?

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Today’s Election in Georgia Will Reveal a Lot

With no apology to Herschel Walker, today Georgia could elect the dumbest man in America, the least qualified individual to ever seek office in Washington. If you identify yourself as a Republican and support Herschel Walker, you have zero self-respect and are an embarrassment to the United States of America. The former “Grand Old Party” would be ashamed of every man and woman who sits on the right side of the aisle for supporting Walker for a seat in the Senate. Your dog is far more intelligent than the former NFL running back.

America Has Become a Nation Without Laws or Morals

The first year I could legally vote was in 1967. Any candidate involved in the scandal, illegal activities, or even a partner in a divorce was immediately disqualified. In 2022, if you have an “R” next to your name on the ballot, none of your crimes disqualify you from becoming President of the United States or any other public office. Morals and principles are of no importance to Republican voters.

The American People Deserve Better

But let’s ignore the fact that Herschel Walker is a liar, a sexual predator, and the second-biggest joke ever played on America by the Republican Party. Only the most qualified, most patriotic, women and men should be allowed to serve in Washington and make decisions for 331 million people. What our country does not need are more Trumps, Cruz’s, McConnell’s, Paul’s, Rubio’s, Cornyn’s, Collins’, or any other woman or man who claims to be a Republican. They have failed America and will continue to do so as long as they are allowed to live lives of luxury, privilege, and power thanks to the ignorance of Republican voters. Walker would add to this long list of disasters.

The Worst Profession in the World

Politicians in general are the most disreputable men and women in the world. The only thing worse in America is political parties. Political parties have no interest in our country or our people. They care about power and money. The right wing’s support for Walker is about adding another seat for Republicans in the Senate, not about the welfare of our people. They don’t care that he is a buffoon who should never be allowed to be part of an organization that makes decisions for others.

America has the Worst Government in the World

I grew up believing that the men and women who served in Washington were respectable, intelligent, and patriotic. Throughout my 76 years, I learned that none of this is true. If we had no government, our nation would be a better place for our people. The 545 men and women who control our daily lives sought election for their own personal advancement. They lie to us constantly and cannot be trusted.

Who Will Win This Contest?

When the results of today’s runoff election in Georgia are announced, the American people will learn which red state has the dumbest people in America. Throughout my adult years, I believed this contest was between Texas and Florida, with Mississippi as a close third. However, if Walker is victorious, Georgia is the clear winner.

By James Turnage, Author of “Tales from Between the Sheets”


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