Only One President Fulfilled His Responsibility to His People

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Most of our Nation’s Presidents Ignored their Primary Reason for Existing

The duties of an American President are many, but at the top of the list is to improve the quality of life of all Americans. A good president serves the people of our nation, and a great president places their future ahead of everything else.

History proves that only one man out of 46 has fulfilled his primary duty: to serve all Americans. His name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“The People’s President”

President Biden is our 46th president. Not a single man who led our nation can be compared to our 32nd. He is the only leader of our country whose agenda was entirely focused on the majority. His policies never varied from his awareness that he was a public servant who was required to place the entire population of America as priority number one.

FDR could be labeled as a pacifist, another quality I admire. He was reluctant to participate in the war against the Axis powers until we were attacked on December 7, 1941. Only when a nation is seriously threatened or attacked should it become involved in the idiocy of war. Not once in history has a nation declared victory without suffering enormous destruction itself?

As Close to Being a “Hero” as any Man Could Be

I am not a man who has “heroes.” FDR had his faults, but none of those were included in his devotion to the people of his country.

Let’s look at a few of his many accomplishments.

The most important of all is undoubtedly the Social Security Act of 1935. In the post-depression era, there was no security for American workers reaching what might have been considered retirement age. To prevent abject poverty and even homelessness among America’s senior citizens FDR created a retirement security system for all Americans.

The system was foolproof and would require minimum financial involvement by the federal government. Simply described, employers and employees would contribute to the program. Recipients would receive a monthly sum based on the number of their contributions throughout their working years. Unfortunately, our incompetent and corrupt government began to pilfer funds from the system to fund their own projects.

I am writing from experience. My wife and I retired from an industry void of retirement benefits. Without our social security checks, we would be homeless.

Other achievements affecting all Americans include reducing the unemployment rate by 23 percent, virtually ending the Great Depression, establishing the FDIC protecting the deposits of the working class, establishing a minimum wage and the 40-hour work week, taking action to end discrimination in the workplace, was instrumental in the creation of the United Nations, aided control for water pollution, and led our nation through WWII.

Even the Best of the Rest Lost Their Way

After the death of the “People’s President” in 1945, each of his successors became increasingly concerned with the nation’s economy instead of the quality of life for all Americans. There has never been another president whose entire existence was focused on every man, woman, and child in our country, and there never will be under our government’s current dysfunctional environment.

President Biden is a Working President, and He’s Working for All of Us

I am not criticizing President Biden, he has accomplished a great number of his goals while continuing to face the “party of no” and their leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell. However, he is the leader of a party that is not united behind him and faces another party that worships the worst president in our nation’s history who continues to divide our nation. Mr. Biden faces adversity not dissimilar to our last real president, Barrack Obama.

It is up to the people to force change in Washington. Our votes, when unified, are the most powerful weapon in our country.

By The Wise Old Fart, (James Turnage)

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