Will Trump Be Convicted of Treason, or Will the Demise of America Be Complete

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I Doubt Mike Pence has the Courage to Do the Right Thing

Yesterday the special counsel investigating the evidence gathered by the House Select Committee subpoenaed former Vice-President Mike Pence. The Committee’s investigation surrounds Trump’s failed coup on January 6, 2021. I must ask this question:

If this was anyone other than a politician who pretended to be your president for four very long years, wouldn’t he or she have been indicted and awaiting trial in a federal prison without bail?” How much evidence is needed?

I Watched the Violent Insurrection: I Do Not Need More Proof

My wife and I watched in fear the entire three hours of the insurrection. We heard and watched a sitting president order his minions to go to the Capitol Building and stop the certification of the Electoral College vote. The man who planned, organized, and executed the violent assault on our democracy remained free and began his “big lie,” further dividing our nation’s people.

Here’s another aspect of this situation that convinces me that our government is corrupt beyond repair.

Most people expect Pence will claim “executive privilege” for at least part of his testimony. How can this be possible? We’re talking about treason: an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of the United States of America. There is no greater crime, and there is no other suspect than Donald John Trump.

Our Government has a Choice: Serve Trump or Serve the American People

My expectation, and conclusion as a student of history, is that if Trump is not convicted for the obvious, the end of justice and equal rights for all will have occurred, and therefore the demise of my America will be complete. We will all be living under the rule of a fascist dictator and his small but powerful army. The plutocrats will claim victory.

A Domestic Terrorist Reigned Over Our Country for Four Years

I wrote about those horrific four years between 2017 and 2021. I wrote about why and how he broke his oath of office constantly. He violated the Constitution every day he was in office. When Trump was impeached for just cause; Moscow Mitch McConnell, another tool of the Russian government, refused to conduct a fair trial — twice. Thus guaranteeing acquittal before the mock trial even began.

A United States Senator placed a man who sought the end of America above the law, and above the future of his country. Moscow Mitch was complicit and must also face charges of sedition and treason. Sadly, it will never happen. America is broken and I doubt that anyone in Washington has the courage to repair the damage. I lack the hope that it can be fixed, or if it should be. The dream of our Founding Fathers may be nothing but a fading dream in the near future.

As a man who keeps himself informed and whose knowledge of the truth is not veiled by personal ambition or political loyalty, I’m unsure if saving America is worth the effort. There are two, maybe three countries, within one that is hidden from most of the voting public.

One Example Is Trump

There are different standards for the rich and powerful. Although it’s true that this is nothing new, it has exacerbated beyond my wildest imagination, and I am a writer of fiction when I’m not attempting to expose the truth. If you are the majority, the middle, low-income, or impoverished classes, you do not share same America as a small percentage of those who control your future. Most Americans have become complacent.

This has allowed the 545 men and women in power to rule over us with the use of lies and “fake news.” Transparency no longer exists thanks to the failure of the fourth estate. The county’s capitol is hiding under the false claim of “national security.” We, the people, are the nation, not those who were elected to serve all 331 million Americans but fail us every day.

All good things come to an end, and maybe our time has come. Much of the damage caused by our leaders over the last 40+ years is irreversible.

I can only hope I’m wrong. I pray that the voting public will take control of their own futures in 2024. We’ll have to wait and see.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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