Next Year CPAC Must Be Renamed to TFBF



Next Year CPAC must be Renamed to the TFBF (Trump Fascist B**ch Fest)

Not a single Republican attended this year’s CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference. The only people in attendance were members of the Trump MAGA Republican Party. This proves once and for all that the once Grand Old Party no longer exists.

Although Trump remains the party’s leader for some, long-time and semi-respected leaders refrained from attending what turned out to be a much smaller-than-expected audience. At this point in time, anyone who continues to follow the greatest traitor in American history should be too embarrassed to show their face at any gathering of right-wing extremists, and most importantly in front of the television cameras.

America’s Biggest Mistake

We need not look far to see how Trump was America’s biggest mistake and the final blow to the struggling Republican Party. Trump is a close second to the worst man in the world, Vladimir Putin. This was apparent in the 2018 midterms when Democrats took all power from the right wing. Votes for Democrats were also votes against the fascist and divisive policies of America’s greatest failure.

In 2020, a record turnout disposed of the obese, orange man, evicting him from the White House he hated according to reports from his aides. Unable to accept huge losses in both the Electoral College and the popular vote, he immediately cried “foul,” although there was no basis for this allegation.

In an act of desperation, Trump attempted to please his handler, Vladimir Putin, and planned, organized, and executed a failed coup attempt on January sixth, before his humongous derriere was removed from the people’s home.

2022 Was Another Failure for Donald Trump

Floundering among informed and dedicated Republicans, he attempted to regain some of his diminishing control over the right wing by endorsing candidates in the 2022 midterms who were loyal to him, but woefully unqualified to hold any public office. The result was as expected: more losses for today’s Republican Party in name only.

I continue to believe that neither Trump nor President Biden will have their names on the ballot in 2024. Both men are too old and out of touch with our young nation. I also doubt that Trump wannabe, Ron DeSantis, can win in the primaries, and therefore the Republican nomination. I cannot predict who will be the right-wing standard bearer, but the currently declared candidates cannot capture the majority of Independents. Each is less qualified than the other.

Nikki Haley is Laughed off of the Stage at CPAC

One individual who is challenging Trump for their party’s nomination is former South Carolina Governor, and Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. However, when she spoke, she sounded like DeSantis. The focus of her speech was on “wokeness.” The beginning of many embarrassments for the former governor.

I find this hilarious because if you are a patriot and cherish the Constitution, you are “woke.”

Definition from the Miriam Webster Dictionary: “Aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).”

All “Republicans” object to “wokeness.” Proving that they are a party composed of racists and bigots.

Trump and His Party are Part of our Nation’s Dark Past

Not only is Trump nothing more than part of our nation’s dark past, his party no longer exists in its original form. The once Grand Old Party is nonexistent. The Democrats, and multiple factions of what once was the “Republican Party” comprise America’s political structure, today. It is now a disjointed group of men and women who are extremists without any interest in the welfare of all 331 million Americans.

CPAC can no longer exist. There are only a handful of conservatives remaining. Most men and women calling themselves “conservatives” are actually advocating a fascist government that would replace democracy and shreds the Constitution.

By James Turnage

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