Las Vegas Veterans Stand Down

By Kendle Walters For Nevada’s homeless veterans, getting to take a hot shower or have their hair cut is a luxury. Talking to a counselor, connecting with a support group, or seeking advice from a lawyer, are often services that are far out of reach. For many Las Vegas veterans who suffer from the isolating […]

Killing in Self-Defense

by Garth Baker In order for a killing to be considered self-defense, the person who did the killing must have felt as if the danger was so urgent and pressing that in order to save his or her own life, or to prevent the receiving of great bodily harm, the killing was absolutely necessary. In layman’s terms, […]

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

By Jo Rooks  I had a former co-worker who was a man I would describe as compact.  He was not very tall,  had a slim build and kept up his appearance  precisely. His trousers never had a wrinkle, his shirt was always tucked in, he always wore a belt, his hair was always in place, […]