Living beneath Sin City

Life in a tunnel beneath the Las Vegas Strip

Living beneath Sin City

Living beneath Sin City

Times are hard for many Americans and as tent cities continue to pop up around America and Skid Row continues to grow. For many Americans they just want to provide a safe, loving home and food for their families but for many that is a tough task as they find themselves living in tunnels. There is a population of approximately 1,000, that’s men women, children, drug addicts and war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress who live beneath the Vegas strip in a cold, dark tunnel.

It is unknown as to how many children are living beneath the Vegas Strip in this tunnel that runs 200 miles. However, it is evident that children are present due to the toys that are present but the children are hidden from sight.

These families beneath the lights of Sin City not only find it difficult to have privacy but the need to keep a watchful eye on the few possessions that they do have. Many of these families are down on their luck and have lost their jobs due to a drug addiction. Take for instance Steven and Katryn a couple who have been living in the tunnel for three years. They share a 400 square foot bungalow and have managed to decorate it with a double bed, wardrobe and bookshelf. What is the reasoning behind this couple’s fall, well it was Steven’s heroin addiction that caused him to lose his job. Now though, Steven says he is clean and he and his girlfriend survive off of hustling slot machines for money that is left behind. Steven says he once found $997.

Another couple living within the tunnel is Amy and Junior who also due to a drug addiction lost their home and job, after their four month old son passed.

These are just a few of the stories and people who live within the tunnel that stretches 200 miles beneath the Las Vegas strip. A tunnel which houses approximately 1,000 people, poisonous spiders and a man nicknamed “The Troll” who wields an iron bar.

Living beneath Sin City

Still, as the lights shine bright above the city of sin, thousands below struggle and live in a cold and dark tunnel for 200 miles.

Matthew O’Brien a reporter and author has set up a foundation to help called The Shine A Light Foundation and has authored a book entitled ‘Beneath the Neon.’

-Kelly J Newson

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