David Correy: Born for this!

David Correy: Born for this!

David Correy: Born for this!

David Correy is a talented singer/songwriter born in Brazil but raised in Maryland by his adoptive parents who loved him like their own. Even helping David to nurture his talent and love for singing and music.

David Correy’s story is one of perserverance and never giving up on your dreams. There have been times when David could of just sat back and gave up on singing and performing. It’s his love for music that carries on and his talent which is unmatched for he has a voice unlike any male artist out today. It is clear that David Correy can hold a note but not to long ago David was struck with an illness that caused him to lose his voice completely. Doctors were not sure if he would ever sing again but David never gave up and after six months of voice therapy he was back on the microphone hitting all the right notes.

Still, tragedy would find David again, this time he would find himself falling asleep at the wheel and crashing his vehicle along the side. David would make it out of his car just before another driver would collide into his and total it.

Still, David Correy never let the injuries of that tragic accident stop him from his music. He preserved and continued to make his music. David is no quitter, in fact he has gone on to create a strong following, two mixtapes and his Urban Rock brand.

David Correy: Born for this!

Even opening for the likes of Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, and Ginuwine.

Most recently fans may have seen David showing off his talents on the stage of The X Factor but was voted off. However, David maintains his integrity and continues to work hard at his craft. Showing that his voice is truly different from the rest and that he is no quitter.

So you can definitely expect some fresh new music from this talented vocalist in the near future in fact David Correy recently released some new visuals featuring himself, and producers Jerm and Sledgren as they worked in the studio together.

“I just want to inspire people to never give up and know that their day is coming. If its your dream, no matter what you do, you just have to keep fighting.” -David Correy

twitter: @DavidCorrey

-Kelly J Newson
twitter: @Kelz_writestuff

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