Kate Middleton and Prince Williams Made out like Bandits

In a present list of gifts received during overseas tours in 2012, released today by St James’ Palace it shows that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge picked up a treasure trove of gifts whilst on the nine day tour of South East Asia, which ranged from dressing gowns from the Raffles Hotel in Malaysia, to Chili sauce for Prince William. She’s renowned for her love of fashion, and Kate Middleton’s wardrobe was topped up with generous gifts of clothes, shoes and accessories last year.

Kate was given a staggering six pairs of shoes, two bags and a traditional dress from the Queen of Malaysia when she and William stopped there for three days last September .

She also received a further eight handbags, about 10 scarves and more dresses, tops, jewelry and make-up from well-wishers on her 10-day Far East trip.

But Prince Charles and Camilla’s clothing gifts weren’t quite so glamorous – they got a pair of matching woolen cardigans from the King and Queen of Norway and a pair of flip-flops each from a member of the public in New Zealand.

Following the disclosure of the Queen’s presents earlier this week St James’s Palace and Clarence House released details of gifts given to Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry on their overseas visits last year.

And as well as scores of traditional cards, books and pictures, there were plenty more unusual offerings on the lists.

Kate and William received matching dressing gowns from the world-famous Raffles hotel they stayed in while visiting Singapore, and they also accepted presents from the public as wide-ranging as a bag of paper stars, a tea service, chili sauce and honey.

On the final stop on their tour, Tuvalu, they were given hand woven fans and eight woven floor mats from several well-wishing individuals.

And while Kate was given the huge stash of shoes from Malaysia’s Queen, the King gave William the more masculine gift of a traditional Malaysian dagger.

St James’s Palace also revealed Prince Harry was given a cape, magnifying glass, a Beatles CD and personalized  license plate number HARRY on his Diamond Jubilee travels to the Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica and Brazil.

His liquor cabinet was also topped-up with gifts including rum and the Brazilian liquor Cachaca.

Other presents given to Charles and Camilla throughout the year included a pair of baby booties to pass on to William and Kate, a portable water filter for Charles and a decorated Emu egg.

But the bulk of the goods were fashion focused and gifted to the Duchess, with Her Majesty, Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia presenting the most extravagant of all the gifts with a haul of six pairs of shoes, two clutch bags and a traditional dress.

While fashion featured heavily on Kate’s gift list, Prince William’s gift list was a little more exciting, including a white and yellow metal box from the Prime Minister of Malaysia and a traditional Malaysian dagger from his Majesty, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

The public also gifted the royal couple some interesting presents including chili sauce, a bag of paper stars and a model war canoe.

There was even a gift for the royal baby, who with the tour back in September wasn’t even expected, as the couple were given a child’s game by a member of the public.

Charles also received lots of organic produce and Camilla was given two waxed dog jackets from the Premiere of Victoria during the couple’s tour of Australia.

Buckingham Palace revealed earlier this week the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee gifts included ownership of a baby llama and adoption of a baby elephant.

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