Are Flu Shots a Scam?

How Effective Was The Flu Shot?

Are Flu Shots a Scam?


Just a couple of months ago the CDC was urging everyone to get a flu shot.  Especially vulnerable were those over 65, and small children.  A large number of nurses are opposed to the vaccination.  Some who took a stand and refused to receive the serum were fired.  So how has all of this worked out?

The CDC released statistics that revealed the vaccine was effective overall in 56% of those who received it.  More revealing is that it was almost ineffective when taken by the group doctors were most insistent be inoculated, seniors.  It was effective in only 9% of those who received the vaccine who were 65 or older.

Medical science believed the vaccine was an effective match to counteract the main virus H3N2, but proved to be effective in only 47% of those who received it.  The vaccine was 58 percent protective in children, 46 percent effective in young adults, 50 percent effective in people aged 50 to 64 and 9 percent in people 65 and older.

Personally, I don’t get flu shots.  I don’t take medication unless it is a matter of life or death.  Part of my age group are like me and still living in the past when it comes to medical care.  I don’t trust the majority of doctors, and trust  surgeons even less.  Medicine is too much of a business, too cold and impersonal.  The most important action a physician does is accurately diagnose the patient’s condition.  Only one in fifty are successful most of the time.

So, is the hype about flu shots a scam?  Probably not for most people.

News services and television are guilty for creating serious concern by the masses.  I am guilty.  Early on when I had information that the CDC was predicting a heavier than usual influenza outbreak, I reported it.  I thought it was important enough to pass the information on to the general public.  And although I am in good health in my mid-sixties, I know many my age who are not.  If the vaccine could save their lives, it was worth writing the story.

But a 9% success rate is unacceptable.

When the flu season begins next year, should you get a flu shot?  I think that’s an individual choice, and I nor anyone else should tell you what to do.  If you are concerned about yourself or loved ones and believe it’s a good idea, than by all means get the shot.  I am almost positive I won’t.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express