Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved!

Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved! Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

Researchers have found the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients, and contrary to what many believe, it does not stem from the brain. The findings mark the end of a decades-old mystery about the disease, which many doctors believed was conjured in patients’ imaginations. The mystery of Fibromyalgia has left millions of sufferers searching for hope in pain medications. Up until recently, many physicians thought that the disease was “imaginary” or psychological, but scientists have now revealed that the main source of pain stems from a most unlikely place- excess blood vessels in the hand.

The discovery may lead to new treatments and perhaps even a total cure in the future, bringing relief to as many as 5 million Americans thought to have the disease. To solve the Fibromyalgia mystery, researchers zeroed in on the skin from the hand of one patient who had a lack of the sensory nerve fibers, causing a reduced reaction to pain. They then took skin samples from the hands of Fibromyalgia patients and were surprised to find an extremely excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts.

Up until this point scientists had thought that these fibers were only responsible for regulating blood flow, and did not play any role in pain sensation, but now they’ve discovered that there is a direct link between these nerves and the widespread body pain that Fibromyalgia sufferers feel.

The breakthrough also could solve the lingering question of why many sufferers have extremely painful hands as well as other “tender points” throughout the body, and why cold weather seems to aggravate the symptoms. In addition to feeling widespread deep tissue pain, many Fibromyalgia patients also suffer from debilitating fatigue.

Neuroscientist Dr. Frank L. Rice explained: “We previously thought that these nerve endings were only involved in regulating blood flow at a subconscious level, yet here we had evidences that the blood vessel endings could also contribute to our conscious sense of touch… and also pain,” Rice said. “This mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain.”

Current treatments for the disease have not brought complete relief to the millions of sufferers. Therapies include narcotic pain medicines; anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressants and even simple advice such as “get more sleep and exercise regularly.” Now that the cause of Fibromyalgia has been pinpointed, patients are looking forward to an eventual cure. Other expressed frustration about how much they had suffered already:

“When are they ever going to figure out that things are never “all in your head?” said one commenter. “Whenever something doesn’t fit in their tiny little understanding, they belittle the patient and tell them they are crazy. People have suffered through this since they were invented. Prescribing SSRIs for everything is not the answer any more than a lobotomy or hysterectomy was.”

The announcement has the potential to unlock better future treatments and undoubtedly has patients all over the world rejoicing that the mystery of Fibromyalgia has finally been solved.

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By: Rebecca Savastio

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Source: Yahoo News

2,491 Responses to Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved!

  1. Bosko Milersen November 23, 2014 at 2:12 pm

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  2. Sheila Reid November 23, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Pain meds are a waste of time and money. Slow release Guaifenesin has worked wonders for me. I am more like I used to be, although of the pastI still have some very tired days and nights when I dont sleep so well. Pain is almost a thing.of the past.
    I stopped taking the medication for 5 weeks and was back to square one and couldnt move without pain, My brain was foggy I couldnt think straight. Walking, sleeping, standing and moving were crippling. I could’nt relax and felt exhausted and low, but within a week of restarting I restarted again. (would also add that through out the time I continued to take the medication from the GP, as I have to order Guai in from the USA and pay for it myself..Seratonin makes no difference at all or at lest very little.
    It will be great to if this finding leads to a cure or better medications, I suppose like most things it will take a few years of research and trials, but fingers crossed the end of the foggy tunnel is in sight. Sheila

  3. debra kleinsorge November 23, 2014 at 11:07 am

    I have been treating fibro for the last 14 years. I know it is inherited. Trauma and stress play a big part in setting it off. I just try to keep moving because the sitting still is what hurts. Low doses of anti depressants helps a little, but is not a cure. I spent many dollars trying to get well before being diagnose.

  4. Donna November 22, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    I have had fibromyalgia for 5 years but all the Dr.’s made me feel like it was in my head. Now I have a Dr. that understands but won’t give me pain med. I have to go see a pain management Dr. first. I am hanging in there.

    • Ruth November 23, 2014 at 9:30 am

      Best of luck Donna. One person a few days ago wrote they take two capfuls of whiskey for their pain her md will not prescribe pain meds. Thankfully my GP is willing to prescribe. I had terrible time with md@ pain clinic. I hope u get some relief soon! Ruth


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