Nelson Mandela Remains Unresponsive to Treatment

Nelson Mandela Remains Unresponsive to Treatment

South Africa – Nelson Mandela remains unresponsive to medical treatment. His immediate family begin discussing how much medical intervention the sick and elderly Mandela requires, and the implications of withdrawing the treatment.

According to reports, Mandela’s liver and kidney functions are down to 50 percent, and he has not opened his eyes for several days. This information indicates that Nelson Mandela is in a more serious condition than has been reported by the South African Government.

Mandela was admitted to a Pretoria Hospital two weeks again for a recurring lung infection. His condition remained critical although a steady progress was mentioned as the days dragged on. This is the fourth time that the aging Mandela had been admitted to hospital.

A high profile security contention remained around the hospital following his admission, and only family members were allowed to visit. International and local media remains camped outside of the hospital in bitter cold winter weather to publish breaking news to the world of any changes of the Iconic Mandela.

The president of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, reported in an interview last week that Mandela was responding well to treatment and said the government was satisfied with the treatment he was receiving, although he did acknowledge that Mandela’s condition was serious but stable.

During the last few days, a grandson of Nelson Mandela reported that his granfather was getting better, and they looked forward to his return home. Perhaps the younger generation of the family was genuinely hoping for a miracle. Perhaps was following instructions from older family members to report the lies surrounding his health condition.

Nelson Mandela the first black South African president and a world renowned person will need a miracle to live and celebrate his 95th birthday July 18 this year. He remains unresponsive to medical treatment and this would be the beginning of the end of his earthly life

Written by Laura Oneale