Nelson Mandela Dead or Alive Discharged from Hospital It’s Official

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South Africa – It is official, Nelson Mandela has been discharged from the Pretoria Hospital. Whether he is dead or alive, only the government or the Mandela family will know the truth.

From reports regarding his release from the Pretoria Hospital, the presidency confirmed that his condition is critical but stable and although at times unstable, he will receive the best medical treatment at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg. Of course these health condition reports are repetitive since his admission on June 8, to the hospital for a recurring lung infection.

Mac Maharaj said his Houghton home as been reconfigured to ensure he receives the proper medical care, and staff who attended to him at the Pretoria Hospital would continue to treat him at his home.

His team of doctors is convinced he will receive the same high standard medical treatment at home.

This official announcement from the South African Governments, follows the confusion surrounding his release from hospital yesterday. Several media channels published a report stating he had been discharged from the Pretoria Hospital and the government confirmed that it was indeed correct.

This is most unusual and it can be assumed that only the Mandela family knows the truth. A man of 95 years old, critical and receiving intensive care treatment, spent nearly three months in hospital suddenly discharged to receive care at home is concerning to say the least.

This sudden turn of events from the Mandela family, and the previous published release from hospital to his house could mean that they are continuing with the manipulation and underhanded tactics. One possible explanation is to keep him alive until they obtain their court ruling and even until the 2014 general election has ended. The direct and disrespectful approach the family and government have reported about his hospital stay is nothing short of manipulative.

Since admission to hospital on June 8, the media reports have been confusing and officially, his condition was always referred to as critical and stable. The reports suggesting that this whole health saga is a cover up are not far from the truth. During the month of June daily and often hourly reports were issued on his situation and then of course the critical mention of the ambulance breakdown. July month the reports on Nelson Mandela’s health condition was dwindling as each and every report referred to his health condition as critical but stable. In the month of August, the reports were few and far between, and it was noted that the family and government visits were also less frequent. Public interest drew to a close as many viewed the Icon as dead, as a number of people accepted the idea that Mandela was being kept alive on machines.

This sudden move by the family appears to be another ploy to undermine the public.

The Former President George H.W. Bush’s office mistakenly announced the death of Nelson Mandela on Sunday morning, with a condolences statement about the South African leader.

This entire Nelson Mandela health condition is confusing for most people simply because nobody admits to the truth. What is the truth you ask? Just visit the following link (Mandela Smoking Gun), perhaps it will shed a bright light in the dark places where hiden agendas dwell.

Written by Laura Oneale

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2 Responses to "Nelson Mandela Dead or Alive Discharged from Hospital It’s Official"

  1. Zoliswa   September 2, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Perhaps you would be justified for not beliving the reports from the goivernment about former President Nelson Mandela’s condition; but do you really think that the whole family would play along during the period of their bereavement? It is easy for anyone else to treat this situation as some form of science fiction but we are talking about a life that is appreciated and loved by his family more than all South Africans or greater people of the world. Unless you have clear facts about what is happening, maybe should keep your opinions to yourself and not report them as facts. We all know that a 95-year old will die at some stage (as we all will) but your obsession with his death with unfounded statements is rather disturbing. Just think of the family and imagine if this was being done to your own family.

    By the way, are alive or dead?

  2. Maddox Stoan   September 2, 2013 at 6:23 am

    Really? Still sticking to your guns on this one? What’s with the overly deep investment in whether or not the man’s dead or alive? You pointedly mark the ostensible conspiracy to keep the truth hidden as an affront to the dignity of the man and his memory, yet you nevertheless participate in the peddling of (mis)truths about his *actual* condition (because, let’s face it, you know as little as everyone else does) with a zeal that can only be described as unseemly. I NEVER participate in these idiotic click-baiting forums, but I was so incensed by the blatant hypocrisy of this entire, irredeemable series that I went to the extraordinary effort of tracking this ridiculous website down, all with the express purpose of saying to Ms Oneale: get the f*ck over yourself. Aren’t there more important things to which this lamentable excuse for a journalist could focus her attention? The US’s seemingly imminent delivery of democracy to Syria perhaps? For shame, madam.

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